The meeting of the Lanivet Parish Council will be held BY ZOOM on THURSDAY, 21ST JANUARY 2021 at 7.00pm. I trust this will be convenient for you. For those members of the public wishing to attend please email the Clerk on for the link to the meeting.


  1. Appointment of new Parish Councillor


  1. Public Forum If any matters sent to the Clerk before the Meeting


  1. Members Declaration of Interest & Dispensation Requests


  1. Apologies for non-attendance, if any


  1. Minutes To receive the Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on Thursday 10th December 2020


  1. Matters Arising from the Monthly Meeting except matters indicated below


  1. Monthly Report from Cornwall Councillor (Update by Email prior to the Meeting)


  1. Highway Issues/Footpath Issues/Damaged Signs in the Parish (Including Discussion on HWRC Lanivet Review of experimental One-Way System Email from Cormac)


  1. Planning Applications/Results/Correspondence/Letters of Objection received:-


PA20/10637 Steven and Charlotte Waddell and Hopkins Prior approval for the proposed change of use of an agricultural building to a single dwelling house and associated building operations, Tregarthen, Nanstallon


PA21/00146 Mrs. Julie Burdon, Lanivet Parish Council Application for works to trees subjection to a tree preservation order as detailed within submitted tree survey action analysis, Lanivet Village Green and Adjacant Graveyard, Truro Road, Lanivet


Planning Results Received:- (a) PA20/09734 Mrs. Karen Nederpel Works to trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order namely T17 Common Spruce and T18 Common Spruce to fell due to excessive shading, excessive height and low amenity value, The Rectory, Lanivet Approved (b) PA20/09480 Ms. Keat Construct a single storey pitched roof extension to provide two further bedrooms and a bathroom to the end of the bungalow, Court Meadow, St. Lawrence, Bodmin - Approved


  1. Approval of Monthly Accounts & Any Applications for Grants & Donations


  1. Lanivet Parish Affordable Housing Working Party Update from Chairman by email prior to the meeting to be circulated


  1. Lanivet Parish Sport & Recreation Trust Update from Mr. D. Carter by email prior to the meeting to be circulated


  1. Community Network Panel Meeting Update from Councillor Mrs. J. Dent by email prior to the meeting to be circulated


  1. Lanivet Village Green/Play Equipment/Car Park/Bus Shelter


  1. Camel Trail Update from Councillor Miss P. Bolton by email prior to the meeting to be circulated


  1. Cemetery Matters (Including (a) Any Applications for Memorials, Inscriptions; (b) Concerns from family regarding stones/pebbles on gravespace)


  1. Public Conveniences Update


  1. Tree Survey Works required when planning has been approved


  1. Code of Conduct Consultation from Cornwall Council (See Email from Simon Mansell circulated)


  1. To commence reviewing of (a) Review and Approve Risk Management Policy; (b) Review and Approve Standing Orders; (c) Review and Approve the Model Code of Conduct for Parish and Town Councils; (d) Review and Approve Financial Regulations (Including List of Regular Payments for the year; (e) Review and Approve Statement of Internal Audit; (f) Review of Segregation of Duties; (g) Review and Approval Asset Register (All as per emailed)


  1. Newsletter Reports/Parish Council Website


  1. Correspondence received at the time of the meeting by email and post


  1. Urgent Parish Matters with prior liaison with Chairman (For Information Only and any Items that may be required to include on the next agenda)


  1. Date of next Monthly Meeting Thursday 18th February 2021


Councillors are requested that all mobile phones be switched onto silent for the duration of the meeting. Can all Councillors, public and press also add themselves to mute when not speaking on Zoom.