Cllr. D. Batten


Mrs. J. Burdon

(Parish Clerk)

Cllr. D. Austin



Cllr. Mrs. C. Eddy

Cllr. C. Vercoe

Cllr. Miss P. Bolton


Cllr. T. Hancock

Cllr. S. Jenning

Cllr. A. Barnaby

Cwll. Cllr. C. Batters

Cllr. T. Grose

5 Members of Public





Appointment of new Parish Councillor:-  Chairman welcomed Councillor Stephen Jennings from Nanstallon as our newly co-opted Parish Council and looked forward to working with him.


Clerk confirmed she had been sent all signed paperwork pertaining to their positions on the Parish Council. 



Public Forum:-  Rosewarrick Neighbours - Michael Vincent, Dan Nattle, Richard Cougar, Steve Williams.


Chairman welcomed all members of the public.  Dan Nattle wanted to urge the Parish Council to do the right thing for the planning application for the gypsy site this evening, he feels very vulnerable in his own home.  Richard Cougar reported he lives about a mile away from the site, even the Coach Road is difficult for passing and the Rosewarrick lane is very small and vehicles and caravans using this road would cause terrible congestion. He feels the site is open countryside and is not suitable.  It is an unsustainable rural area. The application is on a part of land which is a much larger field, and he has concerns that more people arrive and fill it up.  Chair confirmed how important it is for residents to ensure they put their comments on the Cornwall Council Planning portal.


Jenny Cruse recently confirmed as a Conservative Candidate attended this evening as an observer and she was attending tonight as she is thinking of standing for the elections.  Chairman welcomed her to the meeting this evening.


Steve Williams reported he lives in Nanstallon and a lot of the lanes are very narrow in Rosewarrick where he has friends who he visits often.  There would be a lot of congestion and very difficult in the lanes around this site.


Michael Vincent reported he has put his points on the planning portal and to the Committee this evening by email. The applicants were told to contact all the local people to discuss the pre-app and there has been no notification to anyone, and this was a bit of a concern. This site would completely overwhelm his and surrounding properties, some which are listed. The lane is small and windy and only the width of a single vehicle and to meet a caravan being towed and a milk lorry, along with people walking could lead to difficult situations.  It was felt this would be like a second community and they would dominate the area. The countryside is stunning, and rules need to be followed to do the right thing and he does not believe this is within those rules. 

The two properties either side are both listed and the restrictions on these are very tight, surely you cannot put something like this between two listed buildings.


Chairman asked a point of order to Cornwall Councillor C. Batters as to whether it is down to Cornwall Council to make sure neighbours have been notified.  Cornwall Councillor C. Batters reported not necessarily but they do put on gates and at times these can be taken down by applicants.


Councillor A. Barnaby queried the pre-application process.  Cornwall Councillor C. Batters reported pre-applications do not always necessarily come out to Parish Councils,


Councillor D. Austin reported he visited the site today and noticed a post box.  Dan Nattle reported he believes there is a caravan behind a large mound, but he is unable to prove this as he does not wish to trespass.


Chairman to suspend standing orders and go to planning to deal with now and then return to the remainder of the meeting afterwards.  Motion Carried.



Members Declaration of Interest and Dispensation Requests:-  Councillor D. Batten declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Lanivet School Governor.


Councillor D. Batten declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Lanivet Sport & Recreation Trust.



Apologies:- Councillors A. Harris, Mrs. J. Dent, Mrs. J. Stickland



Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on Thursday 19th November 2020:-  Resolved the Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on the 19th November 2020 as circulated were confirmed as a true and accurate record and to be duly signed and ratified by the Chairman at a future physical meeting (Proposed: Councillor Ms. P. Bolton; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy)




Matters Arising from the Monthly Meeting held on Thursday 19th November 2020:-


Page 2 Min.122/20 Internal Auditors Report:-  Clerk reported the matters raised will be dealt with in due course by herself and the Chairman. Chairman asked whether Councillor D. Austin could work with the Clerk and review the documents Action: Clerk and Councillor D. Austin to action.


Page 2 Min.215/20 Grave spaces with inappropriate surroundings:- Clerk reported letters had been sent to three families, with loose stones on the grave spaces and one with horseshoes  Action: Keep Pending.


Page 9 Min.239/20 Updated Regulations and Fees and Charges:-  Clerk reported these had been updated accordingly and circulated and would be sent out in the New Year to be effective from the 1st April 2021. Clerk reported the only thing not included was a cost for the cover slab and suggested using the same fee as for memorials, Councillors were happy with this amendment Action: Clerk.


Members of the public apart from Jenny Cruse left the meeting at 7.40pm.





Clerk/Cllr. D. Austin









Monthly Report from Cornwall Councillor Chris Batters:- Cornwall Councillor C. Batters reported he had a fairly quiet meeting last month and nothing particular was raised.  The only issue was the traffic speeding on the corner in Nanstallon near the Chapel, which unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to resolve the problem.


Black Ice outside the school was a real issue.  The situation is the village roads through the main village is a priority 2 road and other back roads are priority 3 roads. Gritting boxes were raised again and several years ago he had a damaged one removed from Nanstallon. There is one at Woodland Close for anyone to use and could easily be moved. It appears grit boxes were never really used. Chairman reported it was down to Parish Council originally to have salt boxes and have training to spread the salt.  He has concerns that the salt boxes could be abuse, however, if residents came forward for a request for a salt box, the Parish Council may consider a grant to start them off and they then take responsibility and maintain thereafter. Councillor Miss P. Bolton was not sure villagers would like to take on this responsibility as they pay their Council Tax for these services.


Chairman reported there has been some flooding on the grassy bank next to the car park.  Someone was clearing and rodding on Monday which seems to have cleared the problem, which was a quick turnaround.  A couple of weeks prior to this he was pleasantly surprised to see the cycle path was cut back and tidied up near the turn off to Lockengate and it was looking wonderful.  This was on a schedule to be done last summer but was held up with lockdown.


Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy reported on the flooding on the corner passed Councillor A. Harris’ property, it is really bad, and you cannot see the road, it seems to be back to the same problem as previously Action: Cornwall Councillor C. Batters to follow up and report.


Councillor T. Hancock reported on the road past Mr. Kendall’s property, there are a few potholes on this stretch and drains blocked but the road is fairly clean at the minute.  He would like it looked at before any big frosts Action: Cornwall Councillor C. Batters to follow up and report.


Chairman thanked Cornwall Councillor C. Batters for his monthly report.




















Cwll. Cllr. C. Batters



Cwll. Cllr. C. Batters


Highway Issues/Footpath Issues/Damaged Signs in the Parish:-

Highway Issues:-  Chairman reported on bush on edge of green which is need of clearing back from the footpath again some point soon.


Clerk circulated a letter sent from Nanstallon School to a village resident, in response to his complaint regarding parking at school collection and drop off for information. It was noted there was nothing the Parish Council could do in this case.  It was resolved to forward on to Cornwall Councillor C. Batters to follow up Action: Clerk.


Footpaths:-  None.


Damaged Signs in the Parish:-  None.










Planning Applications/Results/Correspondence/Letters of Objection received: -  Clerk reported that proposals for planning applications will be sent with the following statement:-  Due to the restrictions placed on the Parish Council as a result of the pandemic Coronavirus, this response represents the opinion of Members of Lanivet Parish Council identified through a consultation process and will be ratified at the next appropriate meeting of the Parish Council.


It was noted the Parish Council had received 6 emails of objection for this planning application for Mrs. T. Orchard. 

PA20/09223 – Mrs. T. Orchard – Change of use of land to a private Gypsy Site, Land North of Higher Rosewarrick, Lanivet – Object – Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy suggested in view of number of emails and objections from parishioners, we ought to collate a condensed version of all of their comments and put to the planning department, as there are some very valid reasons and points why this should not go ahead (Councillors Miss P. Bolton, C. Vercoe, A. Barnaby agreed with this to support the parishioners). Parish Clerk and Chairman collate all emails received, plus he has some thoughts and questions that concern him that the Planning Officer needs to respond to.  It was agreed to send a letter of objection to the planning officer, stating our reasons, details of what we have heard from local residents and our thoughts,  A draft to be forwarded to all Councillors prior to this and to be approved for Clerk to send off Action: Clerk, Chairman and Councillors (Proposed: Councillor D. Batten; Seconded: Councillor A. Barnaby)



PA20/09734 – Mrs. Karen Nederpel – Works to trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order namely T17 Common Spruce and T18 Common Spruce to fell due to excessive shading, excessive height and low amenity value, The Rectory, Lanivet – Support (Proposed: Councillor D. Batten; Seconded: Councillor A. Barnaby)


PA20/10637 – Steven and Charlotte Waddell and Hopkins – Prior approval for the proposed change of use of an agricultural building to a single dwelling house and associated building operations, Tregarthen, Nanstallon – Next Agenda and Extension of Time has been agreed by Cornwall Council Planning


Planning Results:-


PA20/07480 – Mr. T. Daubney – Proposed alterations and additions to the front and rear of the existing dwelling, 7 Tower Park, Tremeere Lane, Lanivet – Approved


PA20/08377 – Mr. & Mrs. T. Fisher – Proposed remodelling of existing Barn Conversion, The Hayloft, Berry Lane Farm, Nanstallon - Approved

































Accounts & Any Applications for Grants & Donations:- The Parish Council approved payment of the following accounts for December 2020 as per Financial Regulations (Proposed: Councillor D. Batten; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy): - 

Festive Lights Limited


Christmas Tree Lights

British Gas – Electric for Toilets


8/10/20 – 9/11/20

Paul Bazeley Window Cleaning


Shelters November 2020

Outdoor Play People


Play Equipment Maint.

Festive Lights Limited


Christmas Tree Lights

The Lawn Ranger - Grasscutting


November 2020

The Lawn Ranger – Tree Work


New Cemetery

The Lawn Ranger – Tree Work


War Cemetery

South West Drains


Drain Clearance – Toilets

Duchy Cemetery’s Limited


Interment – Hodge

Lloyds Bank – Bank Charges


December 2020

Jason Bellenger


Tree Survey

AJH Services – Toilet Cleaning


December 2020

Mrs. J. Burdon


Salary & Expenses

CC Pension Scheme


November 2020

Inland Revenue


November 2020

DMC IT – Website Maintenance


November 2020

Nanstallon Cemetery Trust


Cemetery Fuel Expenses

Patrick Townsend


Repairs to Toilet Doors

RBL Poppy Appeal


Wreaths x 2

Complete Weed Control


Weed Treatment

Receipt:- Bodmin Funeral Services


Interment - Hodge

Email with invoice received from Completed Weed Control advising they had been asked to spray Lanivet pavements by the Chairman, all was agreed. Today Lanivet was weed sprayed, as per invoice above. Going forward, the Chairman as asked that the village sprayed 3 times per year instead of the current 2 and he would like confirmation.  Weeds will take a further two weeks to die back.  It was resolved to confirm this with Complete Weed Control (Proposed: Councillor D. Batten; Seconded: Councillor T. Grose) Action: Clerk.


Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy reported how lovely the village is looking again this year, it appears everyone has made a real effort again this year.


























Finance Working Party and Chairman:- It was resolved to keep the Finance Working Party and for Councillor D. Austin to be Chairman of the Finance Working Party and invite current members to stay on and invite any new members who may wish to join (Proposed: Councillor D. Austin; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy) Action: Clerk.





Offer of Local Maintenance Partnership Support for 20212022:- It was resolved to accept the offer of funding in the sum of £744.30 when paperwork is received (Proposed: Councillor Miss P. Bolton; Seconded: Councillor S. Jenning) Action: Clerk.




Spending Grant Funds on planting trees around the Village:- Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy reported that after watching Country File they are looking to plant as many trees as possible before 2030.  It appears in our County it is to plant 8,000 hectares of trees, which will be 2% of Cornwall’s land area.  As we have had the grant from Cornwall Council she wondered if we could use some of this.  She wondered about planting a tree for each new starter in Nanstallon and Lanivet Schools.  She would like some size appropriate trees to go around the village and would like to ask Jason Bellenger for some assistance and even offer a number for people to possibly plant in their own gardens, to help reduce our carbon footprint and to fill gaps within the village.  Chairman asked whether Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy could liaise with the Schools and arrange publicising. 


Councillor D. Austin is a Governor and would be happy to find out from Lanivet School what they are planning. In principle we sign up and set aside funds to assist in this matter until discussions have been held by Councillors and Schools (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy; Seconded: Councillor Miss P. Bolton) Action: Councillors Mrs. C. Eddy/Miss P. Bolton and D. Austin.









Cllrs. Mrs. C. Eddy/ Cllr. D. Austin/ Miss P. Bolton


Lanivet Parish Affordable Housing Working Party Update from Chairman:- Chairman reported the Housing Project is currently at the Planning Application Stage.



Lanivet Parish Sport & Recreation Trust Update (Including Request for £15,000 funding to be released separately due to using different Contractors throughout):- Mr. D. Carter reported there had not been much change since last month, other than to say the Centre is open again after lockdown, obviously obeying all rules and restrictions so that Covid Secure status remains.


Request for £15,000 funding to be released separately due to using different Contractors:- A request had been received because they are carrying out the building work on a daywork basis rather than using a sole contractor it may be that they do not receive one invoice of £15,000 plus VAT, however, if they can group say three invoices not exceeding £15,000 plus VAT would that be acceptable to the Parish Council, it would be greatly appreciated by Lanivet Parish Sport and Recreational Trust.  It was resolved to confirm this was acceptable (Proposed: Councillor Miss P. Bolton; Seconded: Councillor D. Austin) Action: Clerk.













Community Network Panel Meeting Update:-  Councillor Mrs. J. Dent had confirmed that there was no update at this time Action: Clerk to ask Jane when the funding project for Lamorick will commence.



Lanivet Village Green/Play Equipment/Car Park/Bus Shelter (Including Update from Site Meeting regarding Trees on Village Green, Cemetery and other locations):-   Councillor T. Hancock reported on the swing seats that were replaced, which were not replaced like to like and they have now agreed to replace to what was there before.


Lanivet Car Park:-  No update.


Bus Shelters:-  No update.


Update from Site Meeting regarding Trees on Village Green, Cemetery and other locations:-   Chairman reported the survey has been received from Jason Bellenger. Councillor A. Barnaby looked at some of the document but some of the trees listed are not our trees.  Some are on the triangle which are Cornwall Council owned and some time ago they spoke with Cormac regarding these. It was noted, therefore, we need to pass on the comments to Rachael Tatlow of Cormac to deal with those trees in question.  It was noted we will have to extract the trees on the triangle from the planning application to be submitted and in the meantime send the details on to Rachael Tatlow Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy will look at the trees on the village green with cable lines and review and inform the Clerk.  It was resolved the Clerk submits a planning application for tree works required (Proposed: Councillor T. Hancock; Seconded: Councillor A. Barnaby) Action: Clerk and Councillors T. Hancock and A. Barnaby to assist with the process as required.


















Camel Trail Update:- Councillor Miss P. Bolton the river restoration works at Grogley Gauging Station on the main river Camel are now complete.

The work involved the removal of the concrete weir, sheet piling and gabion baskets, with approximately 60-65m of block stone removed along both banks. The new banks were battered back, seeded and Bionet installed to reduce the potential for erosion while the reach stabilises through vegetation establishment. In addition, a series of wood deflectors were added to improve flow and habitat diversity and provide cover for fish. The access track, built to allow access to the river, has been removed and the hedge has been rebuilt. There will now follow a winter tree-planting programme to replace the trees lost in the works and provide a new wet woodland habitat in the floodplain.



Cemetery Matters (Including any applications for memorials, inscriptions):- No applications received. The good reception the parish council have from the general public parishioners the good work that the lawn ranger has done in the cemeteries and to the right of the church, which is looking excellent.  Agreed to send letter thanking him for work done in tidying up areas Action: Clerk.






Public Conveniences Update:- None.



Newsletter Reports/Parish Council Website:- Clerk reported the Website and Facebook are being updated regularly.   




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Urgent Parish Matters with prior liaison with Chairman (Items for Information Only and items for the next agenda):-  None.



Date of Next Meeting:- Thursday 21st January 2021 at 7.00pm either on-line or by email, whatever is confirmed by the Government.

Chairman wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and let’s hope that 2021 will be a better year.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 8.52pm.




Signature:     ………………………………………………



Date:        21st January 2021