Cllr. D. Batten


Mrs. J. Burdon

(Parish Clerk)

Cllr. D. Austin



Cllr. T. Hancock

Cllr. A. Barnaby

Cllr. Miss P. Bolton


Cllr. Mrs. J. Stickland

Cllr. T. Grose

Cllr. S. Jennings


Cwll. Cllr. Mrs. J. Cruse







Chairman’s Welcome and Opening of the 2021 Annual Meeting:- The Chairman welcomed all to the Annual Parish Meeting of Lanivet Parish Council.  There will be a Public Forum in the Parish Meeting to follow on from this Annual Parish Meeting.



Welcome to all Parish Councillors and Signing of Declaration of Office for a further term of office including completion of Register of Interest Forms: - Chairman welcomed Parish Councillors to the meeting and requested all paperwork is completed and forwarded on.  Clerk circulated the Parish Council Declaration of Acceptance of Office to all Councillors to complete this evening.



Apologies:- Councillors C. Vercoe, S. Jennings, Mr. B. Stephenson – Nanstallon CP School, Mr. I. Bennett – Lanivet School, Mr. Reg Sheppard – Nanstallon Cemetery Trust, Mr. B. Cornelius – Lanivet Sport & Recreation Trust.



Chairman’s Report:-  Chairman’s Report circulated for 2019-2020 and 2020-2021as follows:-


Even though I have been Chairman for almost 2 years this will be my first report for an AGM.  Covid-19 took care of the AGM last year with all elections etc. postponed for one year.


On the 23rd May 2019 Steve Walker stepped down as Chairman of the Parish Council. Councillors were pleased to give Steve and Kay some vouchers to spend in one of their favourite restaurants, namely the Lanivet Inn.


Steve Walker was a hard act to follow but I have been grateful for his support until he stepped down as a Councillor in October 2020. 


We also said goodbye to one of our longest serving Councillors,  Dave Carter.  Amongst his many skills was his ability to track down grants for projects in the Parish. Therefore, I am pleased to see that the address for the new Community Centre is Carter’s Parc recognising his outstanding work in helping to bring this project to a successful conclusion.


Pandafest 2019 appeared to be a great success given the number of local residents who turned up along with many from neighbouring areas.  There is hope that if the restrictions are lifted then there will be a Pandafest 2021.

The Affordable Housing Project has taken up a substantial part of my time over the past two years and I am pleased to report that we may now be on the “home straight”. Cornwall Community Land Trust are handling the practical day to day activities, and it is hoped we will be able to submit a planning application later in the year.


Having been made aware of possible security issues with the Lanivet Green the Parish Council agreed to secure the access to the Green allowing continued use by local residents.


Covid-19 in 2020 had a huge impact on life in the Parish. Whilst the Parish Council was still able to progress many projects the year will be remembered for all the volunteer work which took place to care for the more vulnerable in the village.


Staff from the Lanivet Inn, Welcome Stranger and the Spar shop also did their bit to help even though the businesses themselves suffered because of the restrictions.


Two notable volunteers,  Barry and Gill Cornelius, are worthy of our thanks and praise during the whole of the pandemic for their outstanding work using the Age Concern funded minibus to distribute medicines, food, and even ferrying people to and from hospital appointments.


The “Tour of Britain” was one of the casualties last year and has been rescheduled for later this year in September.


Local Flooding still remains an issue across the Parish most notably in Lamorick and Nanstallon.  I am hoping that our new ward member will be able to build on the good work done by Chris Batters to improve this situation.


There is still concern, especially in Nanstallon, over the major house building south of Boundary Lane. Despite assurances from South West Water and the Contractors there is still worry that Nanstallon will suffer more severe flooding because of this development.


A one-way system was introduced at the Recycling Centre on the Old Coach Road in order to try to alleviate traffic management issues.  I am hoping that during this year we may be able to create a new entrance to address the problems caused by the narrow part of the road near the current entrance.


My thanks to our local Contractors who have helped us to tidy up the Lanivet Green and the two cemeteries in Lanivet.


The postponed elections recently held saw no new candidates so as we said our farewells and thanks to Councillors Mrs. Jane Dent and Mrs. Clare Eddy we now only have 10 Councillors. We will hope to co-opt two new Councillors in the next few months.


I am reminded so often of the preciousness of village life that cannot be replicated in other setting. 

We are truly blessed with some remarkable people who give their time and themselves selflessly for the benefit of the whole community.  To them I say Thank You.


Out thanks for Chris Batters support over the last 8 years and has been a true champion of our cause and no doubt over the next few months Jenny Cruse will take over.  We hope he enjoys his retirement.


Danny Batten – Chairman of Lanivet Parish Council



Cornwall Council – Out-going Report from Chris Batters:-  Report received as follows:-


Just a short report to say that over the eight years I have served your Parish Council, it has been a pleasure and a privilege to have worked so closely with the three Chairs and the members. From day one it was my plans to work as closely with my six councils as possible to achieve a working harmony and results. This was the case with yourselves, and together we achieved a lot for the village and the parish during that period. Your Parish Council has been a shining example of how a Parish Council should be run and adding to this praise I would also like to extend my thanks to your excellent Clerk Julie Burdon, who of course has communicated with me on so many emails and phone calls. A good Parish Clerk is worth its weight in gold, and in Julie you have one of the best.  You can now stop beating your breasts with pride.


I have had a chat with Chairman Danny Batten on the matters that were in the pipeline, which involved me arranging meetings for later this month.


Below are a couple of the items for future attention.


1) The highways improvements on exit at the Lamorrick end of the village - monies have been secured and written confirmation sent that the work was scheduled for March to June.


2) The possibility of a new road into the Recycling Centre via the private land alongside the Coach Road - idea discussed by me at the time with former Cabinet officers (no longer in situation) and again a meeting was hoped to have been held this month between all parties for further discussion.


3) The Lamorrick Neighbour from Hell.  It appeared at one stage that he was moving but now he's not. As we know this is a terrifying ordeal for the residents of Lamorrick, but the legal procedures have been exasperated by both the perpetrator himself and having no actual physical evidence. I have had meetings with the residents and advice given on surveillance cameras and the like which would aid towards collecting physical evidence. Even when about to reach a break-through in law where action can be taken, it has not been taken because of circumstances surrounding the perpetrator. As Police records will show, and in my past position as Chair of crime, this matter has been taken to the very highest level of senior officer.

Bear in mind, for your information, this matter is an Operational matter and therefore has no connection with the Crime Commissioners Office.


I think other matters will sort themselves in due course no doubt.



Lanivet CP School Report:- Annual Report received from Mrs. Ingrid Bennett, Headteacher as follows:-


Lanivet School has 162 pupils on roll at present, with most pupils living in Lanivet, one third of pupils coming from Bodmin and some from Bugle and Roche.


Autumn Term - The Autumn term started well. The School was following DfE COVID-19 guidance and thorough Risk Assessments were completed. This meant that we had staggered start and finish times to the school day, the school operating in bubbles, with staggered lunch and break times. Pupils are eating with their teachers in class and all classes are having separate toilets to use.  We worked hard on identifying the gaps in learning of our pupils, had a big focus on well-being and had to establish routines again and good behaviour for learning. It was evident that a lot of pupils were struggling to sustain their concentration and lost some of their independence because of the last lock-down and summer holidays. However, we were all delighted to be back in the routine of school and playing with friends and happy voices could be heard all around the school and in the playground. We were kindly allowed to use the Church on Wednesdays for our weekly music lessons, and we were able to record a beautiful Harvest Festival Concert and Christmas Celebration and the children and Mr Warwick did us proud.


Spring Term - At our Inset Day in January we were preparing for opening for the Spring Term and the National Lockdown again. We had a very tight turn-around to prepare for home-learning and our brave parents stepped in the shoes of the teachers again. Lanivet School did open for our vulnerable pupils, and we had 51 pupils attending school in four bubbles. Lunch vouchers were provided and pupils without laptops at home were provided with a computer. Staff did some home visits where appropriate, to deliver work and equipment and for some pastoral care. The winter lock-down was hard on the community, with reports of anxiety, low mood and domestic violence on the rise and the school was able to liaise and refer to appropriate services. We worked with the Church, Foodbank and Lanivet Community Fund to help some of our families and the community spirit at Lanivet was evident. We were so pleased to open the school to all pupils again on the 8th March, so we could get some valuable learning time in, before the Easter Holidays.


Summer Term - Over the Easter holidays we ran a holiday club for four days, with Plymouth Argyle Coaches with funding from Active Cornwall. This club was open to all pupils from Lanivet and Cardinham School and 42 pupils made use of this facility. This club was a great success, and we are planning to repeat this in the Summer Holidays.  



At Lanivet School we have undertaken substantial building works over the lock-down and Easter holidays; air conditioning in the Infant building, replacing fire-doors to new specification, new toilet, new carpets, mains water conversion, fascia’s and windows painted, new bin store and Early Years mud kitchen.


Statutory Assessments have been cancelled this year, so teachers are busy assessing pupils for our internal data. We are starting to liaise with the Lanivet-under-fives for our new Reception intake and we are expecting around 25 pupils to start in September.


We are also liaising with Bodmin College and other secondary schools for the Y6/Y7 transition and are getting our pupils prepared for their big move. We were excited to see that the new DfE guidance gives the green light for school trips, so we are starting to plan our bubble trips and are looking forward to a positive end to an eventful academic year.



Nanstallon CP School Report:-  Annual Report received from Mr Ben Stephenson, Headteacher as follows:-


Nanstallon School is currently full and oversubscribed. We recorded 112 pupils in the Autumn census filling 5 classes. We have allocated 20 places for new Reception children starting in September. Given the level of house building and growing popularity of our school we expect to remain at capacity for many years to come.


The academic calendar has been significantly disrupted and children have, like everywhere else, missed out on a great deal of opportunities.


Returning to a busy and highly social school environment following the long period at home was a big step and adjustment for all. We have all now got back into the rhythms of the timetable and some of the different routines we now have such as our Friday Field Assembly where we now all unite as a school community.


Remote learning has been a major feature of the last year and one that children, staff and parents have had to adjust to, doing so extraordinarily well overall. Although we were pleased with the remote learning offer in Lockdown 1, we learned many lessons and stepped up the quality and breadth and thus increased engagement. The biggest lesson of all was that remote learning will never replicate the classroom and school experience.


Our school has continued to improve throughout the periods of lockdown. The indoor areas continued to improve with redecoration and refurbishment including climate control heating throughout, new flooring in the majority of communal spaces and a continual upgrade to school resources. Our outdoor learning environments have further developed so that 4 out of 5 classes have their own, thus extending the classroom learning experience. Our kitchen now operates independently having parted company with the Compass Group.



As a result, we are offering a menu that is completely locally sourced and we have seen an increase in the take up of meals as well. We also parted company with Cormac cleaning solutions. We are delighted with the improvements Passmore Cleaning Company have brought about for the staff and children who work and learn here.


We are now beginning to plan enriching experiences for the summer term. After school clubs have resumed and are full. Y5 and 6 will resume swimming for an intensive block of lessons in June, Y5 are doing bikeability training, Reception, Y1 and 2 have a pending farm visit and train ride on the Bodmin and Wenford line. Y4, 5 and 6 have a camp night booked here at school and some day trips due to uncertainty of securing a residential away.


From September and post lockdown we have continued to provide lots of sport including our own intra-school competitions and weekly forest school to ensure children remain active and challenged.


School funding remains a huge challenge. Due to the increase of Elective Home Education across Cornwall, schools have collectively lost out on a share of approx. £4 million pounds. There is no confirmation about the continuation of Sports Premium worth an average of £17’000 per school and whilst we have benefitted from the Covid Catch Up premium this year, it has not covered the need required nor is there any announcement about the amount allocated in the Recovery Premium. This may end up being a case of giving with one hand and taking from the other and at present it looks like more will be taken than received.


Councillors can be assured that given the challenges, Nanstallon will endeavour to continue to give children the best teaching, environment, experiences and opportunities. As soon as restrictions lift, you would be welcome to visit us but, in the meantime, I would encourage Councillors to access our website where you will find an induction video made last summer and many lockdown assemblies providing you with a flavour of the busy and enriching learning experience we offer, and children enjoy and achieve from in our ever-improving learning environments.



Lanivet Sport & Recreational Trust Report:- Annual Report received from Barry or Cornelius as follows:-


Introduction - This report covers the period 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021, during which the Covid 19 pandemic severely affected the activities undertaken by the Trust at the Community Centre.


Covid-19 Support - From the very beginning of the pandemic, the Community Centre was the base for a team of contacts and helpers under the leadership of the Community Centre Manager, to ensure that wherever possible the key needs of vulnerable and isolated people were met including prescription and shopping deliveries and hospital and medical transportation. During this period the team undertook 3,700 shopping deliveries, 740 prescriptions and 140 hospital and medical trips.


All these have been delivered at no cost  to the individual, with the funding being obtained via grants from many different institutions (including the Parish Council). It is the intention to keep this free service going until at least the end of September 2021.


The One for All Lanivet Parish Community Centre - As mentioned above the Community Centre has been severely affected in the activities that could take place during the 3 lockdowns. However, during this period, the building has been thoroughly redecorated inside and through obtaining capital grants, the sound system has been enhanced for when the cinema club returns, and the toilets and washrooms have been upgraded with contactless flushes and taps where possible. Another major addition to the centre is a Community Cafe which is currently under construction.


This building will greatly enhance the Community Centre and, making it an even more welcoming place and helping to rebuild the community following the pandemic. Should we suffer another such event then we will be able to provide meals for the vulnerable, which is one of the services we could not undertake during this pandemic.


The Future - In what has been a very difficult year we can look forward to coming out of the pandemic as a much stronger community and the demand for the Community Centre is at a higher level than before the start of the pandemic. We have at least 3 new groups especially for mothers and babies and will be re-starting the youth club. With the addition of the café the Community Centre will become a “Complete Venue” and the hub of the community.


The Trust also purchased a 16-seater minibus from Age Uk Cornwall, which will come into service in July 2021. This will be a Community Bus, available to groups and will also be used to bring people to activities in the Community Centre and regular shopping routes.


Summary - We can almost say that we have come out the other side of this dramatic year and look forward to helping the people of Lanivet to rebuild and reconnect with each other. The Trust would like to thank the Parish Council for its continued support, and we look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship.



Lanivet United Charity Report:- No report received.



Nanstallon Cemetery Trust Report:- Annual Report received from Mr. Reg Sheppard as follows:-


It is with considerable relief that despite the pandemic we can report that there have been no burials or interments of ashes in the cemetery in the last twelve months.


Maintenance of the grounds has continued as normal and because the churches in the village have been unable to hold their customary services the trust arranged a socially distanced event for Remembrance Day in November.



A file of poems and other appropriate material has been placed at the seat at the top of the cemetery to be used by visitors who might wish to sit in quiet contemplation.


The accounts have been checked and we hope that we will soon be able to arrange our own AGM to approve them.



Meeting Closed:- 7.06pm.



Signature:     ………………………………………………




Date:               17th June 2021