Cllr. D. Austin


Mrs. J. Burdon

(Parish Clerk)

Cllr. A. Harris



Cllr. T. Hancock

Cllr. Miss P. Bolton

Cllr. C. Vercoe


Cllr. A. Barnaby

Cllr. Mrs. H. Akehurst

Cllr. D. Williams


Mr. Reg Sheppard








Chairman’s Welcome:-  The Vice-Chairman welcomed all to the Annual Parish Meeting of Lanivet Parish Council.  There will be a Public Forum in the Parish Meeting to follow on from this Annual Parish Meeting.




Apologies:- Councillors D. Batten, Mrs. J. Stickland, T. Grose, S. Jennings, Cornwall Councillor Mrs. J. Cruse, Headteacher of Lanivet School.




Minutes of the 2021 Annual Parish Meeting held on Thursday 13th May 2021:- All Councillors had received a copy of the minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on the 13th May 2021 as approved by the Parish Council on the 17th June 2021.




Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Thursday 13th May 2021:- None.




Chairman’s Report:- Chairman’s Report circulated as follows for 2021-2022:-


As I look back over the last year Covid-19 has had a lesser but not insignificant effect on the parish.  As restrictions were lifted slowly, we had time to reflect on the many who volunteered for specific tasks and others who were simply “neighbourly” to others.  It never ceases to make me proud of belonging to this parish when in the face of adversity, the parish steps forward to support.  The latest challenge being the Ukraine crisis which has seen that same level of care and concern within the parish even though it seems so far away.


We said good bye to two of our Councillors Jane Dent and Clare Eddy at the beginning of the year.  We are grateful to Dave Williams and to Helen Akehurst who offered to be co-opted in order to bring our numbers up to the required 12.  Dave Williams was a Councillor in the past, but Helen Akehurst is a new addition. I am pleased to say that we have maintained three Councillors who reside in the Nanstallon area.


Also, the County political landscape changed, and we had to say goodbye to Chris Batters our Ward Member.  We all thought he would be a hard act to follow but we have all been pleased at how Jenny Cruse has stepped in seamlessly and has been so supportive to the parish over the past year.


The Affordable Housing Project continues at a much slower pace, not just because of Covid but also because of pollution restrictions in the Camel Valley which affects the Lanivet village.


The postponed “Tour of Britain” finally took place in September 2021 and was watched by record crowds in Cornwall. Lanivet was equally prominent with people lining the road from Benet’s Abbey right through to Lamorrick and beyond. There were a number of creative banners which made the event special for the parish.


Following the tidy up of the Lanivet green with trees being cut back and one being removed we have now installed 4 solar powered lights along the path for the safety of pedestrians at night.


I am particularly pleased that we have managed to tidy up and secure the small green area near six turnings. My thanks to Councillors and John Kingdon for installing the granite pillars to protect the area. It certainly raised much local discussion and support and now is being referred to as our local “Stonehenge”.


We have seen some Cornwall Council investment in attempting to control traffic speed through Lanivet village although this is difficult when it is still regarded as a main thoroughfare.


At the time of writing, we are anticipating the opening of the new café at the Community Centre. We have been pleased that the parish council has had funds to be able to support this most important of community projects.


I am reminded so often of the preciousness of village life that cannot be replicated in any other setting.  We are truly blessed with some remarkable people who give their time and themselves selflessly for the benefit of the whole community.  To them I again say Thank You.


Danny Batten – Chairman of Lanivet Parish Council




Cornwall Councillor Annual Report:- Cornwall Councillor Mrs. J. Cruse’s report circulated as follows for 2022:-

I would like to say what a pleasure it has been to meet and work with the Parish Councillors from Lanivet. As a ‘newbie’ it was not easy for me as there was so much to learn very quickly. But your kindness, help and obvious dedication as a team for the good of Lanivet has made a big impression upon me, and an example to follow.

The increase in ward size has made keeping up with Parish and Council matters quite a challenge and I have tried to keep focused on my role which is serving my residents well and being there to help when needed.

With my Council hat on I have been involved in Harbours, Health and Adult Social Care, East Planning and the AONB Committee plus Town Teams and Safer Bodmin. I have tried very hard to keep to my core beliefs in protecting the environment and have made a difference in some decisions. Although I have found not everyone agrees with me and that getting things done is quite a challenge, I can look back on a few successes this year.

We as a Council have been very much focused on the basic needs of our community, which is good, safe, available housing, the Health Service and Education.

We have declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency and legislation has resulted from that and will soon (hopefully) be part of planning law. We have also secured additional social housing through market purchases and just today I understand another 300 homes are to be built on a Brownfield site in Camborne. The upgrading of over 700 houses to carbon neutral and more to come. We have purchased pop up hubs, several of which are situated around Cornwall, mobile home allocation all specifically aimed at rough sleepers as it is our aim to provide everyone with a warm place to sleep.

Covid has had a devastating effect upon society, not only through loss of loved ones (thankfully low in Cornwall) but through social movement, loss of working hours and closure of Care Homes. All this has resulted in a massively overburdened Health Service. It is like trying to hold back a tide, as one thing after another has served to create a perfect storm which has shown very clearly the weaknesses in our present system. Cornwall has an additional 45-million-pound Government funding, and a levy raised in Council Tax, but overcoming the problems is a huge challenge. In all this we have managed to keep the Council Tax increase to 1.9% with 1% ASC levy as we are very aware of the cost of living challenge our community is now facing.

We have received 23.5 million to enable Transport to reduce bus fares and make tickets interchangeable so use of buses will be cheaper, and we hope to encourage passengers to use tickets across all areas to get around.

We are also very focused on Town and High Street recovery, thus the investment in the Bodmin Charrette and the hope that the County Deal agreement will release funds to implement the recommendations.

We as a Council have declared solidarity with Ukraine and their flag has been flying at County Hall since the invasion began. To date we have nearly 200 households receiving refugees into their homes, and this all must be carried out with due diligence for the protection of all. The response of my residents in all my wards has been heart-warming and it is the very least we can do to help in these times, which have left us all in disbelief.

I would like to thank you all again. I was absolutely thrilled with the turnout for the planting of the Jubilee Oak, and now there are Jubilee trees in all my parishes. The roundabout at Dunmere is planted and tomorrow the Launceston one is being tackled. A small thing I know, but these little things show how much we care about our town and villages.

I look forward to another year with you and all the challenges it will bring. Best wishes to you all.




Lanivet School Annual Report:- Clerk circulated apologies were received as staff will be away on holiday with their families. They appreciate the Parish Councils interest in what the school is doing and sent a current weekly newsletter as an insight. They also notified of the new Headteacher - Miss Joanna Harvey.




Nanstallon School Annual Report:- No report received.




Sport & Recreation Committee Annual Report:- Clerk circulated the Annual Report from Barry Cornelius as follows:-


Introduction The Lanivet Parish Sports and Recreational Trust (LPSART) have been asked to submit a short report on the activity over the last 12months. This report summarises the activity and performance over that period.


Covid-19 related From March 2021, restrictions were gradually lifted, but with the numerous variants of Covid-19 appearing subsequently, the volume of activity has taken longer to return to pre pandemic levels, but by the end of March all the community events were back plus additional activities, and the usage of the meetings rooms is steadily increasing as people return to face-to-face meetings.


The reduction of income for the year was compensated with the receipt of Government Grants, including Hospitality Grants and the Job Retentions Scheme (all payments were topped up to 100%). The Trust was also successful in gaining a number of other grants from organisations including Sport England and Cornwall Community Foundation, which enabled the building to be touched up and improved with touch free taps and toilet flushes.


We are extremely proud that the venue has been used as a Covid Vaccination centre since October 2021and up to 31st December 2021 had administered 6,000 vaccines to people from all over Cornwall.


The Age Uk Electric Minivan is still in popular demand and over the 12 months the service had

Š       Supported 190 residents

Š       168 health related journeys

Š       78 shopping drops

Š       386 prescriptions delivered, and

Š       5,000 miles travelled

Other Achievements During the year the major work on the community Cafe extension was undertaken and the work is nearing completion. Once complete it will provide a much need facility in the Parish, to reduce isolation, encourage support networks and be a first point of contact for those in need.


The Lanivet Community Bus was brought into service during the year and is now being used by many organisations in the Parish, including the Primary School, Bodmin Age Concern, Lanivet Netball Club and for community day trips. The limiting factor to using the bus is a shortage of drivers with the correct classification (D1) on their licence.


Finally, thanks are expressed to the Parish Council for their support both financially and non-financial and we hope that next 12 months will bring some normality and exciting times with the opening of the café.




Lanivet United Charity Annual Report:- No report received. Councillor D. Williams reported they have sold the Parish Hall and are still looking at ground for the Playschool.




Nanstallon Cemetery Annual Report:- Mr. Reg Sheppard attended the meeting and reported as follows:-


Despite the anxieties raised by Covid only one burial has taken place in the cemetery since the date of the last Parish Council Meeting.


To mark the anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II a ceremony was held on the 6th February when a birch tree (betula utilis Jacquemontii) was planted near the seat in the old cemetery as a permanent reminder of the occasion. The event was attended by an enthusiastic gathering of 52 residents of the village.


Once again, the Trustees would like to thank the Parish Council for the reimbursement of the employer’s liability element of the trust’s insurance policy.




Camel Trail Annual Report:- Report received from Councillor Miss P. Bolton as follows:-

Š         It has been another successful year on the Camel Trail, it has proven to be an incredibly valuable asset over the years and never more so than during the pandemic. 

Š         Grogley Bridge was reconstructed and is now in good working order. 

Š         There have been problems with the Nanstallon gates being left open making the road crossing rather dangerous. 

Š         Signs to warn users of the road have been erected and the design for the gates at Nanstallon are now complete.  We can look forward to the work being carried out in the near future.

Š         No major incidents have been reported on the trail.

Š         A big thank you to the Camel Trail Team for maintaining  the trail to such a high standard and always being on call in the after math of storms etc.




Parish Matters:- None.


Meeting Closed 7.15pm





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Date:        12th May 2022