Cllr. D. Batten


Mrs. J. Burdon

(Parish Clerk)

Cllr. Mrs. C. Eddy


Cllr. Mrs. J. Stickland

Cllr. A.J. Barnaby

Cllr. C. Vercoe


Cllr. Miss P. Bolton

Cwll. Cllr. C. Batters

Cllr. T. Hancock


Cllr. A. Harris






Public Forum:-  None.



Members Declaration of Interest and Dispensation Requests:-  Councillor D. Batten declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Lanivet School Governor.

Councillor D. Batten declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Lanivet Sport & Recreation Trust.

Councillor A. Harris declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Lanivet Sport & Recreation Trust.



Apologies:- Councillor Mrs. J. Dent. O. Sleeman



Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on Thursday 17th September 2020:-  Resolved the Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on the 17th September 2020 as circulated were confirmed as a true and accurate record and to be duly signed and ratified by the Chairman at a future physical meeting (Proposed: Councillor Ms. P. Bolton; Seconded: Councillor A. Barnaby)


Chairman confirmed the Management Report will be issued with the main Minutes for signing off at the next meeting. These will be forwarded to the Clerk to send out Action: Clerk/Chairman.





Clerk/ Chairman


Matters Arising from the Monthly Meeting held on Thursday 17th September 2020:-


Page 1 Min.180/20 Vacancies of Parish Councillors:-  Clerk reported both vacancies have been advertised together and we have a good selection of candidates already and suggested holding interviews to co-opt.  It was agreed to hold interviews, to be arranged with the Clerk and Chairman Action: Chairman, Clerk and Councillors Ms. P. Bolton to interview and draw up a summary and Councillors can deliberate and make a decision. Deal with out of meeting or possibly all Councillors wishing to attend can, details to follow. Clerk and Chairman reported letters of thanks had been sent to David Carter and Steve Walker thanking them both for their very hard work over the years and for their dedication and commitment to Lanivet Parish Council and the community, which has not gone un-noticed and has been appreciated by all Councillors.  They both have a wealth of knowledge of the Parish and this will be missed.

 Page 2 Min.122/20 Internal Auditors Report:-  Clerk reported the matters raised will be dealt with in due course by herself and the Chairman Action: Clerk/Chairman.

Page 2 Min.131/20 Mulching at Cemetery:-  Chairman reported he is going to sort out with Councillors A. Barnaby and T. Hancock Action: Clerk to respond advising matter closed.


Page 6 Min.191/20 Repairs to Play Equipment-  Clerk reported this is now all in hand and a date expected in due course for works to commence Action: Keep Pending.


Page 2 Min.170/20 Grasscutting Issues:-  Correspondence had been received from a parishioner with concerns and details had been forwarded to the Contactor at the request of the Chairman.  Councillors A. Barnaby, T. Hancock and Chairman had checked this out and agreed the Parish Council should pay for this clearance as it was not the Contractors problem to carry out at a reduced rate, he did not cause it and it was not totally in his contract Action: Clerk to send apology as it was not within the Contract.  Councillor Mrs. J. Stickland wished to confirm that an excellent job had been done by the Contractor on this site and wished him to be thanked for this work  Action: Clerk


Action: Chairman wished to arrange to meet up in due course with the Contractor to consider all the current issues and agree the terms of the Contract.  We will need to meet at least at this disputed piece of ground and take advantage of the cemetery being close by so we can visit that and agree what the contract actually says.  Following Councillors to meet – Clerk, Chairman and Councillors T. Hancock and A. Barnaby.





Clerk/ Chair







Clerk/ Chair

















Clerk/ Cllrs.


Monthly Report from Cornwall Councillor Chris Batters:- Cornwall Councillor C. Batters reported as follows:-


I) Speed Watch in the Village.

As I stated at the time, and as in my email to you, I know nothing of any speed watch group or the suggestion of it.


2) Rectory Road Speeding

Not sure even if this has any connection with the above, but as is usual with such concerns, by it going on Facebook a tremendous amount of interest, activity and suggestions takes place, and as was this case, talk of road signs, speed limit signs being made and lots of other suggestions, but within a month they had all subsided and in fact in the most recent Parish Newsletter I stated how interest had seemed to have died away. Throughout all communication I clearly stated that I would meet and discuss the whole problem if someone arranged a suitable time and place for a meeting, complying with Covid-19 rules. Nothing came back to me.


3) Motorcycles at Hooper Bridge

I did communicate with Julie Burdon, our Parish Clerk, about ownership of said land etc: but some sensible words were forthcoming from our Councillors Ms. P. Bolton and Mrs. C. Eddy, together with a few others. I did email the complainant asking for him to ring me, but nothing more was heard.


These are the only 'general' matters that I have dealt with, but of course there have been several individual issues I have worked on.


Chairman thanked Cornwall Councillor C. Batters for his monthly report.



Highway Issues/Footpath Issues/Damaged Signs in the Parish:-

Highway Issues:- Email received from Mrs. J. Dent advising that work is being done on the road from the Washaway end of Nanstallon, past Tregainlands. The work done so far has already made a difference. The road surface  is much smoother, and the dreadful potholes round by the sharp bend have been sorted. It will make a real difference when it is all completed.


Scheduled Works for Nanstallon – Outstanding work is scheduled for the earliest available opportunity, which is Wednesday 14th October 2020.


Footpaths:-  Councillor T. Vercoe reported the footpath to Bluebell Woods has been signposted as private and no entry and this is a public footpath.  He has not managed to look himself and asked if anyone else has walked this footpath.  Councillor T. Hancock said there is a sign further up advising it is closed.  Cornwall Councillor C. Batters offered to assist with this if new occupiers have recently moved in and he would liaise with the County Environmental Officer to follow up.


Damaged Signs in the Parish:-  None.



Planning Applications/Results/Correspondence/Letters of Objection received: -  Clerk reported that proposals for planning applications will be sent with the following statement:-  Due to the restrictions placed on the Parish Council as a result of the pandemic Coronavirus, this response represents the opinion of Members of Lanivet Parish Council identified through a consultation process and will be ratified at the next appropriate meeting of the Parish Council.


PA20/07840 – Mr. T. Daubney – Proposed alterations and additions to the front and rear of the existing dwelling, 7 Tower Park, Tremere Lane, Lanivet – Resolved to go with recommendation of the County Planning Officer (Proposed: Councillor D. Batten; Seconded: Councillor A. Barnaby)


PA20/07880 – Mrs. W. Grose – Formation of self-contained annex accommodation, Glebelands, Rectory Road, Lanivet – Resolved to go with recommendation of the County Planning Officer (Proposed: Councillor D. Batten; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy)


PA20/08377 – Mr. & Mrs. T. Fisher – Proposed remodelling of existing Barn conversion, The Hayloft, Berry Lane Farm, Nanstallon – Resolved to go with recommendation of the County Planning Officer (Proposed: Councillor Ms. P. Bolton; Seconded: Councillor A. Barnaby)


Planning Results:-


PA20/04895 – Mr. Phillip Blackett – Proposed ground floor extension, Roundhouse Barn, Lanivet – Approved


PA20/06566 – Tremore Christian Fellowship – Listed Building Consent for the replacement of rotted cast iron guttering and downpipes with an aluminium equivalent to the same design, Tremore Manor, Bodmin – Approved


PA20/06968 – Mr. Matthew Cotton – Works to tree namely – Ash Tree (T3) has Ash die back – subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), Old Coach House, Lanivet – Approved

Correspondence Received:- Email received from CALC – Planning for the Future – Government Consultation on Changes to the Planning System























Accounts & Any Applications for Grants & Donations:- The Parish Council approved payment of the following accounts for October 2020 as per Financial Regulations (Proposed: Councillor A. Barnaby; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy): - 

Completed Weed Control


Weed Treatment

British Gas – Electric for Toilets


7/8/20 – 9/9/20

Duchy Cemetery’s Limited


Interment (Daw)

Duchy Cemetery’s Limited


Interment (Thomas)

Patrick Townsend


Maintenance – Play Area

Lloyds Bank – Bank Charges


October 2020

DMC IT – Website Maintenance


September 2020

Outdoor Play People


Play Equipment Deposit

Mrs. J. Burdon


Salary & Expenses

CC Pension Scheme


September 2020

Inland Revenue


September 2020

AJH Services – Toilet Cleaning


October 2020

Receipt:- HMRC


VAT Reimbursement

Receipt:- Drew Memorials


Memorial (Nederpel)

Receipt:- Drew Memorials


Memorial (Thomas)

Receipt:- Drew Memorials


Memorial (Thomas)

Receipt:- Drew Memorials


Memorial (Austin)

Receipt:- Drew Memorials


Memorial (Thomas)

Receipt:- Cornwall Council


Community Grant Bench

Receipt:- Derek Roach


Grave Reservation

Receipt:- Bodmin Funerals


Interment (Thomas)

Receipt:- Coop Funeral Care


Interment (Daw)

Cornwall Councillor C. Batters left the meeting at 7.28pm

Budget Monitoring Statement to be dealt with and approved at the next meeting and go out with the next minutes Action: Chairman.

Budget Monitoring to go on future agendas Action: Clerk























Members of Finance Working Party to be agreed and meeting to be arranged to start discussing the Setting of Precept – Recommendations by the Finance Working Party to be reported at the November Meeting of the Parish Council:-  Chairman reported the following members are on the current Finance Working Party, Chairman, Councillors A. Barnaby, Mrs. J. Stickland, A. Harris and Mrs. C. Eddy.  They will meet very soon and put recommendations forward at the next meeting.  If any other Members wish to join the Working Party, they are more than welcome Action: Chairman.




Clerk/ Chairman


Email from Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner – change to Councillor Advocate Scheme to keep local communities informed – Seeking Parish Councillors or Clerk to act as Advocates for every Parish and Town Council across Devon and Cornwall, requesting names of two individuals:- It was resolved the Clerk takes on this role (Proposed: Councillor D. Batten; Seconded: Councillor Ms. P. Bolton) Action: Clerk.





Lanivet Parish Affordable Housing Working Party Update from Chairman:- Chairman reported that they are hoping to go to Committee in December some time for the planning application.



Lanivet Parish Sport & Recreation Trust Update:- Email report received from Mr. D. Carter as follows – I will just give a quick short report this time and follow next time with the latest up to date news.


Things are a bit strange with all the regulations at the Community Centre which we comply with without fail, various meetings are again taking place inside the building and the outside sport and exercise areas are very busy although the changing rooms/showers are not in use.


Our Covid-19 support is still on-going with transport for a wide range of parishioner’s needs being kept very busy and for sorting out many problems it seems the place to go and people to talk to, I think they have had a very steep learning curve.


We have started work on the new cafι/training room, foundation and floor slab should be completed before your next meeting when I will bring you up to date.


I thank you all for my retirement gift, which was unexpected but greatly appreciated, I'm hoping to have time to use it soon.


Chairman reported he sent a photograph out this evening of David Carter being presented with his gifts from Councillors.



Community Network Panel Meeting Update:-  Councillor Mrs. J. Dent reported via email as follows - The Network Panel met recently. Again, technology let her down.  She was able to attend but was not able to be heard. She has not yet had minutes from the meeting. These will be passed on as soon as they arrive. The meeting was held at 9.30am and was not as well attended as the evening meetings. Lanivet was the only Parish Council represented. We were introduced to Inspector Regie Butler-Card who provided a police update. He has replaced James Honeywill. The report given was concise and informative. There was a very interesting presentation on Improving safety on the A38  from Glen Bullock, Highways England. This presentation has been circulated.



Lanivet Village Green/Play Equipment/Car Park/Bus Shelter (Including Quotations for works to Trees on Village Green):-   Councillor T. Hancock reported that Patrick Townsend will be sending in a quotation for the painting of the steel swings.  He said the other equipment will not need painting this year.


Lanivet Car Park:-  No update.


Bus Shelters:-  No update.


Quotations for works to Trees on Village Green:-  Clerk requested a site meeting to be held to discuss exactly what is required to be able to send to the Contractors to quote.  Meeting to be arranged by email with Councillors wishing to attend.  It was noted that all three trees at the back of Mid Cornwall Brokers need to be looked at.  Clerk and Councillor A. Barnaby to initially discuss and arrange a meeting to know exactly which trees are involved to go out to tender, with other Councillors attending (Proposed: Councillor D. Batten; Seconded: Councillor Ms. P. Bolton) Action: Clerk/Councillor A. Barnaby.











Clerk/Cllr. A. Barnaby


Camel Trail Update:- Councillor Miss P. Bolton reported via email works on the river adjacent to the trail towards Grogley have ceased, however, fencing is still erected.





Cemetery Matters (Including (a) Any applications for memorials, inscriptions; (b) Application from Mr. Orchard in respect of a cover slab request and update; (c) Memorial Damage Update; (d) Reviewing Fees and Charges and Rules and Regulations):- Application received from Drew Memorials for new memorial for the late John Nederpel Action: It was resolved to accept this application as per our rules and regulations, ensuring correct payment is made before any work is carried out (Proposed: Councillor D. Batten; Seconded: Councillor Ms. P. Bolton) Motion Carried.


Application received from Drew Memorials for new memorial for the late Jan Austin Action: It was resolved to accept this application as per our rules and regulations, ensuring correct payment is made before any work is carried out (Proposed: Councillor D. Batten; Seconded: Councillor Ms. P. Bolton) Motion Carried.


Application received from Drew Memorials for new cremation plaque to be placed in the middle of an existing kerbed memorial for the late Nancy Thomas Action: It was resolved to accept this application as per our rules and regulations, ensuring correct payment is made before any work is carried out (Proposed: Councillor D. Batten; Seconded: Councillor Ms. P. Bolton) Motion Carried.


Report from Chairman following a recent meeting of some Councillors (A. Barnaby, T. Hancock, Mrs. J. Stickland, himself and Steve Walker) advising they would make the following proposal to the Parish Council:-


Application from Mr. Orchard in respect of a cover slab request and update:- To approve the recent request for a slab so long as it can be shown that there are sufficient foundations to avoid sinking and that it is level with the ground to allow a mower to run over it without damage to the mower (or slab).  Neither the Parish Council's contractor nor the Parish Council will be liable for any accidental damage to the slab if the above conditions are not met.  It was resolved to write to him provided he meets with our request with suitable foundations and ground level so a lawn mower can go over (Proposed: Councillor D. Batten; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. J. Stickland) Action: Clerk to ensure Mr. Orchard follows the rules and regulations to put in suitable foundations (we need to speak with Mason so they understand our requests and we need to know when it is being done, so we have the right to inspection whilst being put in place)


Other Observations – A section of the Cemetery has been set aside for wider graves.  The restrictions of grave plots to allow only an approved headstone (approved by the Clerk and Parish Council) with the rest of the plot being grassed remains. Therefore, the Clerk will be requested to contact the families of at least two graves which appear to have unapproved paraphernalia on their grave plots Action: Clerk.

Action: Clerk and Councillors to go on site and note details and contact families regarding removal, meeting to be arranged with Councillors.


Memorial Damage Update:- The Clerk will investigate two small plots on the western wall which appear to have been laid without the approval of the Parish Council.  Following this investigation, the Parish Council will discuss possible options Action: Clerk and Councillors to go on site and note details and contact families for removal if necessary.  It was noted this was the gravespace that had incurred damaged last month. 

The family of the grave had since responded advising they could not give dates that permission was granted as they did not have the details but could supply with approximate dates the stones were put in place.  Clerk reported she could confirm one had been agreed in the Minutes on the 20th February 2014, Min.44/14 but she would need to look back through old filing for the second one Action: Clerk.


Updating Regulations and Fees and Charge:-  It was resolved to include on the next agenda and re-send paperwork via email regarding burials.  We also need to include details if a headstone is approved that the remainder of the plot is grassed over.  If a slab is required, the owners must assure the Parish Council they will lay proper foundations to ensure the slab will not sink Action: Clerk to include on the next agenda and review in line with the precept.


Japanese Knotweed in Lanivet Cemetery – Clerk to ask Alun Jones from Complete Weed Control when he is likely to be doing and contact the Chairman and he will try to meet with him on site Action: Clerk




















































Public Conveniences Update:- Councillor Mrs. J. Stickland reported all 3 ladies’ cubicles had an out of order sign on then yesterday and two days previous there were signs up to say out of order.  Clerk to ask are the ladies’ toilets open or closed and if closed how long and then ask when she was intending to send a report about this.  To also query the closing time as they were closed at 6.30pm tonight and not 7.00pm Action: Clerk.






Newsletter Reports/Parish Council Website:- Clerk reported the Website and Facebook are being updated regularly.  




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Urgent Parish Matters with prior liaison with Chairman (Items for Information Only and items for the next agenda):-  None.



Date of Next Meeting:- Thursday 19th November 2020 at 7.00pm either on-line or by email, whatever is confirmed by the Government.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 8.05pm.




Signature:               ………………………………………………



Date:        19th November 2020