Cllr. D. Batten


Mrs. J. Burdon

(Parish Clerk)

Cllr. D Austin



Cllr. T. Hancock

Cllr. A. Harris

Cllr. T. Grose


Cllr. A. Barnaby

Cllr. D. Williams

Cllr. C. Vercoe


Cllr. Mrs. H. Akehurst

Cllr. S. Jennings

Cllr. Miss P. Bolton


Cwll. Cllr. Mrs. J. Cruse







Public Forum:-  None.



Apologies:- Councillor Mrs. J. Stickland



Members Declaration of Interest and Dispensation Requests:-  Councillors D. Batten and A. Harris declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Lanivet Sport & Recreation Trust.


Councillor D. Austin declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Trustee of Lanivet Academy. 


Councillor D. Williams declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Lanivet Charities.


Councillor A. Harris declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Lanivet Charities.



Minutes of the Monthly Main and Closed Meetings held on Thursday 17th February 2022:-  Resolved the Minutes of the Monthly Main and Closed Meetings held on the 17th February 2022 as circulated were confirmed as a true and accurate record and duly signed by the Chairman (Proposed: Councillor A. Barnaby; Seconded: Councillor Miss P. Bolton)




Matters Arising from the Monthly Meeting held on Thursday 17th February 2022:-


Page 2 Min.4/22 Public Forum - Lanivet & District Under Fives:-  Chairman reported Jessica Finnemore has been in touch with various people.  She has spoken with Barry Cornelius and also Cornwall Councillor Mrs. J. Cruse regarding possible CIL payments. Chairman will liaise with her noting she has all her contacts but if she needs the Parish Council on any specific matters or a letter of support she can respond.  Councillor A. Harris reported that Scott Mann MP is coming to the village in April and perhaps Jessica Finnemore could speak with him Action: Councillor D. Williams.


Page 2 Min.124/21 BT Pole:-  Clerk asked Councillors if the pole had been removed.  It was noted that it was still in place and notices are on advising removal imminent. Action: Keep Pending.

Page 2 Min.6/22 – Forest for Cornwall – Public Consultation – Woodland on Old Coach Road:- Chairman reported they had an online meeting last Friday.  The trees have been planted.  He was concerned that a business in the village received 6 letters regarding the planting, but the Parish Council had none.  The meeting was more about queuing on the road for traffic going into the Recycling Centre. The current administration is not looking at closing the site. They are not going to put any money into the site and certainly there is no facility to change the entrance.  The issue of the burner still being used was raised; apparently it was not a safety issue. There is a gas mains or pipework of some description on the highway. We have requested they come up with a manageable system for the queuing traffic. Chairman reported the land is leased and there is still 10 years remaining. At the moment it is down to Suez and Cornwall Council Officers to come up with a manageable system for the vehicles. Any complaints to be forwarded to the Chairman.  Chairman reported a feasibility study would cost around £10,000.  Action: Cornwall Councillor Mrs. J. Cruse to follow up again for the Parish Council for any possible plans.







Cllr. D. Williams













Cwll. Cllr. Mrs. J. Cruse


Monthly Cornwall Councillor Report:-  Councillor Mrs. J. Cruse reported as follows:-

Š         Meeting re the HWRC will be reported by the Chairman but following on from that I have contacted the portfolio member Carol Mould to express our interest in relocating the site. It transpires this was a recommendation from the previous administrations’ Neighbourhoods Committee as it was felt the present site was not safe and needed relocation.

Š         I have passed all photos and information on to Rachel Tatlow regarding the shoddy work at Nanstallon. Wonky posts, and missing signs and damaged signs. Disgraceful workmanship.

Š         The next round of CIL funding is available after April 4th. I have suggested this might be of interest to both Lanivet Primary School, and the pre-school. Decisions in favour of money going to young children have been expressed, so I hope they will pursue this with some vigour.

Š         I am talking to the Career group at the Memory Cafe on Thursday about the role of a Councillor. We are most indebted to all that they do, and I am sure I will learn a great deal from their experiences.

Š         Big hurrah for Barry Cornelius with his swift help with collecting for the Ukrainian appeal. It helped many residents tremendously to feel they were able to support Ukraine in this way. Barry Cornelius took everything over to St. Blazey who then went onward to London and then Poland.

Š         I am waiting to get details regarding taking in Ukrainian refugees. There have been many people willing to do this, but we need to finalise the details so that volunteers are not financially compromised in any way. (i.e., lose the single occupancy Council tax discount)

Š         The Jubilee tree is on order and should be with me before the end of March.

Š         She attended the Memory Café today and she is frustrated about funding and actions as nothing seems to change.  She also went to visit Lanivet School and the Pre-School today. She believes Cornwall Council should supply care homes as it is not satisfactory at the present time.

Š         Chairman thanked Cornwall Councillor Mrs. J. Cruse for all she does and making herself available for meetings and following matters up for the Parish.

Chair thanked Cornwall Councillor Mrs. J. Cruse for her report and for attending this evenings meeting.





Highway Issues/Footpath Issues/Damaged Signs in the Parish (Including Maintenance of Verges in the Parish):-


Highway Issues:- Chairman reported the meeting on the 21st February had been cancelled.


Councillor Mrs. H. Akehurst reported on overgrown hedges on the road to Nanstallon. Councillor Miss P. Bolton would follow up with the landowners/tenants to establish who is responsible for cutting back Action: Councillor Miss P. Bolton.


Maintenance of Verges in the Parish:- Chairman reported there will be a meeting on the 28th March with Rachael Tatlow of Cormac at 10.00am meeting at the Lanivet Car Park.  He wants to walk the main road to establish what they are actually responsible for.  He, therefore, asked the Clerk to hold off on arranging any verge cutting until this has been establish.


Matters for Cormac discussed last month, including letter for homeowners:- Chairman reported this could be discussed again following the meeting to be held on the 28th March as mentioned above.


Footpaths:- Change of Right of Way at Lamorick, Lanivet – A response was received advising the Parish Council details have been added to the file and we will be consulted when this case reaches its turn for consultations. They have a huge back log so do not expect anything soon, but rest assured the Parish Council will receive the relevant documentation and if eventually an Order is made for this path the Parish Council will again have the opportunity to make representations at that stage also Action: Keep Pending.  Councillor A. Barnaby reported there will be a sponsored run and they wanted to use this lane as they call it a footpath. They have now responded advising they should not be running this lane as she herself as established it is not a public footpath and following this she attended and met on site and asked about re-arranging the run or will permission be granted to use the lane. She guaranteed they were not part of the Ramblers but could not guarantee they would not attend.  They did also agree to send a donation to Lanivet Church as part of the run.  Documentation will be forwarded to the Clerk when received.


Damaged Signs in the Parish:-  None.






Cllr. Miss P. Bolton



















Planning Applications/Results/Correspondence/Letters of Objection received: -  

Planning Applications:-

PA22/02035 – Mr. & Mrs. Connor – Prior approval for the conversion of a modern agricultural building to residential use. The building is sited on agricultural land close to an existing access onto a highway. It is surrounded on all sides by agricultural land. Here are no other buildings on the site or within the same field enclosure. The site is located in open countryside outside the town of Bodmin as shown on the attached site and location plans. There is adequate natural light in each room in the proposed dwelling as shown on the attached elevation drawings and ground floor plans, Higher Boscarne Farm, Nanstallon – Parish Council to go with Cornwall Councils Planning Officers recommendations on this application (Proposed: Councillor Miss P. Bolton; Seconded: Councillor D. Austin)

PA22/02479 – Willcocks – Prior Notification for construction of an agricultural building to provide storage for farmyard manure to support the enterprise, South Tregleath, Nanstallon – To be included on agenda when and if application is received


Planning Results:-


PA19/06239 – Mr. N. Shelley – Change of use of agricultural land to equestrian land, construction of wooden stables to replace mobile field shelter and regularisation of turning and parking area and surfaced farm/forestry operations yard, Dunmere Land, A389 Dunmere, Bodmin Lanivet – Withdrawn


PA21/07290 – M.J. & P.J. Hugo and Son – Outline application for the construction of owner/farm managers dwelling including access (all other matters reserved), Land to the North of Fenton Farm, Fenton Pitts, Bodmin – Withdrawn


PA21/03025/PREAPP – Dovetail Shalom Christian Trust – Pre-application advice for the construction of a new meeting room (200 seat capacity) together with alterations and modifications to the school room in order to provide extra toilets, chair store and a meeting room and speakers lounge, Tremore Christian School, Tremore Manor, Bodmin – Closed – Advice Given


Planning Correspondence:- Cornwall Council – Alleged unauthorised change of use of the land for the stationing of caravan(s), Land North of Higher Rosewarrick, Lanivet – advising this matter has been formally registered and allocated to a Development Officer for investigation.

















Accounts & Any Applications for Grants & Donations:- The Parish Council approved payment of the following accounts for March 2022 as per Financial Regulations (Proposed: Councillor D. Austin; Seconded: Councillor A. Barnaby)

Paul Bazeley Window Cleaning


February 2022

Mr. A. J. Barnaby


Toilet Consumables

British Gas



Lloyds Bank – Bank Charges


March 2022

DMC IT – Website Updating


February 2022

Mid Cornwall Brokers Insurance


Public Liability Insurance

The Lawn Ranger


Grasscutting Maintenance

Lanhydrock Garden Services


Tree Works

Mrs. J. Burdon


Salary & Expenses

CC Pension Scheme


March 2022

Inland Revenue


March 2022

DMC IT – Website Updating


March 2022

Paul Bazeley Window Cleaning


March 2022

Receipt: Co-op Funeral Services


Interment – Hogan

Debit Card application forms – Clerk reported forms to be signed and sent Action: Clerk


Clerk reported in respect of the Bookers Business Account, advising a direct debit had now been set up with an account.


Annual Insurance Premium – It was noted the policy for this year had come in at £1,150.44 which was due for renewal on the 20th April 2022

However, it was noted the Parish Council had allocated £1,000.00 in the precept figures.  Clerk had followed up the increase and a response had been received advising the long-term agreement comes to an end at renewal. They have now withdrawn from local council sector and are no longer able to quote for the coming year, therefore, they have provided a quote with Hiscox who are now the preferred provider and best price available this year. Clerk had also asked about cover in respect of any accident that may happen in our Cemetery where graves do not comply with the rules and regulations and a response was received advising if the decorations that are not allowed by the ruling of the cemetery, then you actively make sure that warnings are given and items you ban are subsequently removed following warning as well as outlining the rules to visitors. Keeping these checks and warnings on file would help your insurer defend the case of the council not being liable in this event, meaning the claim may not fall against you. That being said, if someone was to disobey the rules you have outlined and a someone was injured because of it then your policy would still cover the damages.


Councillor D. Williams reported on memorials advising some local families agree on rules and regulations but unfortunately have not actioned due to others not removing items.


Clerk reported CALC had responded advising they are aware that insurance quotes across the sector have gone up, confirming they do not generally send requests to all Clerks concerning commercial contracts as these are very specific to individual Council circumstances and may be commercially confidential.

















Lanivet Parish Affordable Housing Working Party Update from Chairman:- Chairman reported he met with the CCLT Team last week at Clann Lane to discuss the phosphate pollution issue. They are designing a scheme to ensure our housing scheme will pass the final test and get planning approval. He is unsure of the timescale, but they were hoping to have it sorted this year.



Lanivet Parish Sport & Recreation Trust Update:- Clerk circulated reported received from David Carter as follows:-

Š         As soon as all the electrics have been completed so that we can have lights I will arrange for you and the Councillors to view, however, we are still in the building site category at present, so I have attached a couple of photos showing all the fantastic equipment that has been installed. This includes all the equipment financed by the Parish Council which has been delivered and installed.

Š         Progress is being made although waiting for each individual trade to complete their part is quite frustrating, work is being maintained at a high standard and completion is not too distant.

Š         The Community Centre is very busy again with normal wide-ranging activities, vaccinations are still taking place on Tuesdays and Saturdays and is expected to continue with I believe the over 75’s having option of 4th jab starting soon.



Community Network Panel Meeting Update:-  Chairman reported a meeting was held but nothing substantial to report on.  There has been some funding bid for small schemes.



Lanivet Village Green/Play Equipment/Car Park/Bus Shelters (Including (a) Update - solar light, deterrent cameras; (b) Update on Grasscutting Agreement – Lanivet School):-  

Grasscutting in the Village:- Chairman reported the matters that are happening is how we write contracts going forward and the biggest problem currently is consultation, and we need to be in charge and manage it.  Councillor D. Williams reported on cuttings and how many for each area.  It was resolved to delegate to the Services Working Party to be passed on to the Contractor, advising he needs to be communicating with the Parish Council before he commences work, with details being forwarded to the Clerk once agreed, we need to look at the time of cuts roughly per month, along with times of year to be cut Action: Services Working Party


Grasscutting Agreement – Lanivet School:- Chairman reported the School will be paying the invoice sent from the Parish Council shortly.  He will be liaising with the Contractor regarding cutting for Sports Day as it will need to be actioned in readiness.  Councillor D. Williams reported on a manhole cover and the possibility of digging a trench for water causing problems on the Village Green, allowing it to run to the drainage pipes and into the river.  They will be reviewing and will report back in due course. 


Weed Control:-  Clerk reported the Contractor had confirmed they normally start weed spraying pavements in April/May and his colleague usually does the work. They are happy for both of them to meet Councillors when they start and will make a note on their job system.  Councillor A. Barnaby had expressed concerns that this is being sub-contracted out and we are being misled as to what is being done.


Lanivet Car Park:- Solar light - Councillor A. Barnaby reported this is now all in place but needs to be moved slightly.


Bus Shelters:-  No update.


Update - CCTV Cameras:- Councillor A. Barnaby reported this is now in place, it has to be tweaked slightly and another camera will be put up to widen the vision.















Camel Trail Update:- Email report received from Councillor Miss P. Bolton advising there was a meeting today, so she is waiting for a report.



Cemetery Matters (Including (a) Any applications for memorials, inscriptions; (b) Reviewing Rules and Regulations):- No applications received.


Reviewing Rules and Regulations:- Clerk reported in liaison with the Chairman reported on the updates made to the Fees and Rules and Regulations.  Chairman suggested Councillors review themselves over the next week and report any amendments to the Clerk and himself as these need to be send out in readiness for the 1st April 2022.  It was resolved once agreed the rules and regulations are proposed as accepted (Proposed: Councillor S. Jennings; Seconded: Councillor A. Barnaby).  It was further resolved the fees as set are acceptable (Proposed: Councillor S. Jennings; Seconded: Councillor A. Barnaby) Action: Clerk.


Action: Clerk to contact Allan Roberts in respect of the tombed grave in the Cemetery to ask if it would raise up further out of the ground on a second burial



Chairman reported on the concerns regarding surrounds in the cemetery agreeing this needed to be revisited, as agreed originally many years ago this was to be a lawned cemetery with headstones only to aid with grass cutting and now we have received a response from the Insurance we have further confirmation and proof of what is required by families.  He agreed personal meetings with family members was the way forward to explain on an individual basis as to what is required of them.


Councillor D. Williams suggested with any correspondence sent a copy of the insurance email, rules and regulations should be passed on the families. Chairman agreed a letter to be sent initially requesting a site meeting, advising of the insurance position, advising them they may be liable.  Clerk and Chairman to liaise to create a suitable letter Action: Chairman/Clerk.


Action: Clerk to put together a list of the graves that need following up with any contacts in the records to be passed to the Chairman and Burial Working Party.


Clerk circulated a form to be sent out to Funeral Directors for families to sign accepting the Rules and Regulations of Lanivet Cemetery.  She would then keep a copy and send a copy to the family when she sends paperwork to them, along with a copy of the Rules and Regulations.  Councillors were in agreement with this going forward.


Clerk reported on signage for walls as requested by Councillor A. Barnaby last month, advising that a quote would be sent and once received duly circulated for approval Action: Clerk.


Cornwall Councillor Mrs. J. Cruse left the meeting at 8.39pm.




















Chairman/ Clerk












Public Conveniences Update:- Chairman reported the appointment of a Contractor will be discussed under closed session this evening.  Clerk reported Non-Domestic Rates notice for 2022/23 has been received with a no payment required.



The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons:- Councillor A. Harris reported on events, hopefully evening on Thursday they will hold It’s a Knockout.  Nanstallon have a full agenda of events they have planned.  They are considering a service at St. Pauls, and they are hoping to use the interactive event in the Community Hall for people to see on the large screen and view as a community.  It is hoped to arrange a picnic on the Village Green, and it is hoped the School could take the lead on this Action: Councillor D. Austin to follow up to see if the School or PTA could arrange.


Councillor A. Harris reported on the mugs for the children which come in at about £5.50 each. There are approximately 400 mugs that would need to be purchased; he is conscious that may be sensitive and where money is spent at this current time. Councillor D. Williams suggested a donation for any spare mugs that may be available. It needs to be advertised to establish who is eligible for this. It was resolved to go with the suggestion of mugs and Councillor A. Harris to confirm actual figures (Proposed: Councillor D. Williams; Seconded: Councillor A. Barnaby) Action: Councillor A. Harris/Miss P. Bolton.




Cllr. D. Austin





Cllrs. A. Harris/Miss P. Bolton


Lanivet Parish Historic Buildings (Including (a) Lanivet & District Under Fives Church Hall and proposals; (b) Nanstallon Chapel Update):-


Lanivet & District Under Fives Church Hall and proposals:- Chairman reported this is being dealt with as discussed earlier.


Nanstallon Chapel Update:- Councillors Mrs. H. Akehurst and Miss P. Bolton reported there was currently no updates. Councillor A. Harris reported there was a clause it had to be offered back to the community, but he was unsure of this information.  Councillor Miss P. Bolton to follow up Action: Councillor Miss P. Bolton.





Cllr. Miss P. Bolton


The Diaries of John James Morris of Lanivet:- Email received and information circulated.  A response will be sent on from the Chairman as written up by Councillor A. Harris Action: Chairman.



Lanivet United Charity – Nominations for Renewal:- Letter received from Lanivet United Charity in respect of two nominations who are up for renewal at their AGM in April. It was resolved to nominate both parties as confirmed in the letter (Proposed: Councillor T. Hancock; Seconded: Councillor D. Austin) Action: Clerk.





Newsletter Reports/Parish Council Website:- Clerk reported Facebook and the Website continue to be updated monthly. Chairman reported the next magazine will be out very soon and he has sent a report.




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11. Cormac Environment – Camel Trail Partnership Teams Meeting – 17th March 2022 at 10.30am

12. Cornwall Council – Launch of Bodmin Town Centre Charrette on 1st March 2022 at 12.45-2.00pm at Shire House Suite, Bodmin

13. CALC – Briefing: Platinum Jubilee Celebrations and Memorabilia

14. Cornwall Council – Bodmin Community Network Panel – Wednesday 2nd March 2022 from 5.00pm-6.30pm via Microsoft Teams

15. CALC – NALC Legal Update and Chief Executive’s Bulletin

16. CALC – Pledge for nature campaign and local Ecological Emergency Summit

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37. JTP Studios – Bodmin Town Centre Charrette – 18th and 19th March 2022



Urgent Parish Matters with prior liaison with Chairman (Items for Information Only and items for the next agenda):- None.



Date of Next Meeting and Meetings for 2022:- Thursday 14th April 2022 at 7.00pm to be held in the One for All Lanivet Parish Community Centre, to include the Annual Parish Meeting.  Chairman asked Councillor D. Austin to chair the next meeting as he made his apologies.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 9.03pm.




Signature:     ………………………………………………



Date:        14th April 2022