Cllr. D. Batten


Mrs. J. Burdon

(Parish Clerk)

Cllr. D. Austin



Cllr. Mrs. C. Eddy

Cllr. C. Vercoe

Cllr. T. Hancock


Cllr. A. Barnaby

Cwll. Cllr. C. Batters

Cllr. T. Grose

3 Members of Public

Cllr. S. Jenning






Public Forum:-  Three Members of public in attendance regarding the planning application PA21/0050 – Mrs. T. Orchard, to be discussed tonight.


Richard Cogar expressed his concerns regarding this site again. He was told no decision had been made and it has been sent to Bristol.  His comments were as follows – similar to last time.  Rosewarrick is off a narrow lane, passing cars find it difficult to pass, so if caravans were to go up, there would be no way of vehicles passing each other, it would be chaotic, it is simply not accessible.  It is in the countryside. in an unsustainable rural site this seems to contravene Cornwall Council’s policies. The site is up to 4 acres, which is a lot for four residences, and he has concerns that more caravans could come on site at any time and would mean enforcement would have issues to remove.  Cornwall Councillor C. Batters reported that anyone who makes an application for planning – Cornwall Council cannot determine at the beginning, it has to be considered at a later date when it reaches committee.  The applicant has taken advantage as the determination date had gone past.  The probability is that the Inspector will return to Cornwall Council using the usual procedure, he believes the reason for having this second application is the next stage waiting  in the wings, so to speak.


Dan Nattle requested the Parish Council to look after the locals as residents and do the right thing and support them. He reported the last time they discussed this application; he had checked the site around Christmas time, and he confirms there was nothing on site at that time. 


Michael Vincent reported on the planning application and he has concerns that the first application has gone to appeal.  If the original appeal is rejected, this new appeal, if you did not know about it, their objections would not be known about.  They could continue doing this and there could then become a point about another application being submitted and local residents would not know about it and they would not object if that was the case and could go through.  He also had concerns about the narrow roads with blind corners which are not suitable for large vehicles, let along caravans.  They do not know who would be living on the sites and his understanding is to have travellers’ rights you have to be proven to have travelled for five years.  The outline of the land does not show all of the property that they want to put on it.


Cornwall Councillor C. Batters reported on the appeal. He suggested all objections were sent direct to Bristol.  Everything connected with the original application had already been sent to Bristol.


The suggestion of sending on again, means the Inspector will read the objections and believe there were a lot of objections and nothing is missed, and he would probably send back to Cornwall Council. Travellers’ applications have to be put in and always go to Committee and they are considered with their merit.  What they are doing and applying for is perfectly normally for them, but it has no bearings on the outcome.


Dan Nattle reported Nanstallon Primary School currently have a Governor position open and he asked whether any Councillor wishes to join.  It was suggested he arranged for the Head Teacher to send information to the Clerk by email, so she could circulate to Councillors Action: Email to be sent to Clerk with information to circulate to Councillors.


Vice-Chairman thanked members of the public for attending.






































Members Declaration of Interest and Dispensation Requests:-  Councillor D. Batten declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Lanivet School Governor.   

Councillor D. Batten declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Lanivet Sport & Recreation Trust.

Councillor D. Austin declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Trustee of Lanivet Academy.   



Apologies:- Councillors A. Harris, Mrs. J. Stickland, Mrs. J. Dent, Miss P. Bolton.

Email received from Councillor A. Harris for tonight’s meeting as follows – I spoke with the Chairman earlier about a couple of points regarding tonight's meeting. Firstly, regarding planning application PA20/09223 I am of the opinion that the Parish Council should be as vigorous in their reference to the site as a neglected green field as the applicant is in calling it a brown field site. I must apologise for not noticing the review of an experimental One-Way system included in Highways issues in last month's agenda. Personally, I would not have supported any One-Way system that allows recycling traffic to go through either Lamorick or Clann Lane as with little effort on behalf of Cornwall Council access both to and from the site could be via Rocky Hill to the Innis Downs Roundabout. I appreciate the Parish Council have made their decision and fully accept it. However,  it was with interest that I studied the withdrawn application on the agenda.  An opportunity might arise for the Parish Council to work with the applicants if it is resubmitted and the Highways Authority to improve the site so there is no need to queue on the highway and also to be able to keep all the recycling traffic out of Lamorick and Clann Lane. I believe it would be beneficial to have a site meeting as soon as conditions allow with all interested parties to provide a solution fit for purpose.



Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on Thursday 21st January 2021:-  Resolved the Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on the 21st January 2021 as circulated were confirmed as a true and accurate record and to be duly signed and ratified by the Chairman at a future physical meeting (Proposed: Councillor A. Barnaby; Seconded: Councillor C. Vercoe)




Matters Arising from the Monthly Meeting held on Thursday 21st January 2021:-

Page 1 Min.122/20 Internal Auditors Report:-  Clerk reported the matters raised will be dealt with in due course by herself and the Chairman of Finance, information had been forwarded to him and they are hoping to discuss via a Zoom Meeting, although it appears most actions are already in place Action: Clerk and Councillor D. Austin to action.

Page 2 Min.215/20 and Page 7 Min.15/21 Grave spaces with inappropriate surroundings:- Clerk reported nothing further had been heard.  When partial lockdown is lifted, she will visit the Cemetery to see if any action has been taken Action: Keep Pending.


Page 4 Min.7/21 Review of experimental One-Way System:-  Clerk reported an email had been received from Cormac advising Cornwall Council will consider the delivery of the directional signing element of this scheme in the new financial year (April 2021) when new budget allocations are confirmed. The No Right Turn signing, and associated Traffic Regulation Order would need to be progressed separately and via the Community Network Highway Scheme process, so will need to be held on file for review in the hope that further funding for this programme of works is provided.  Chairman reported on Councillor A. Harris’ response and given that the current planning application has been withdrawn he would second his proposals of a site meeting Action: Clerk to arrange a site meeting with Rachael Tatlow and see if this can be arranged.  Cornwall Councillor C. Batters reported the Cabinet Member from Waste to come along at the present time who is Rob Nolan, Clerk to ask Cornwall Councillor C. Batters to ask him to attend.  Chairman, Vice-Chairman and any Councillors who wish to attend can do so.


Page 8 Min.19/21 Bank Signatories:-  Clerk reported she had now found out the list of signatories on the account – Clerk, Councillors D. Batten, A. Barnaby, Miss P. Bolton, Mrs. J. Dent, T. Hancock, A. Harris, Mrs. J. Stickland, C. Vercoe, D. Carter and S. Walker.  All but two have full power meaning that they can sign bank mandates, the only Councillors unable to sign bank mandates are Councillors D. Batten and T. Hancock.  A mandate now needs to be completed by the Clerk with details to remove D. Carter and S. Walker and then add Councillors D. Austin and S. Jenning and request that Councillors D. Batten and T. Hancock also have full powers to be able to sign bank mandates.  Clerk suggested once elections are held in May of this year, this can then be looked at again if there are any further changes, along with setting up a second/third internet user if agreed Action: Clerk.


Page 4 Min.7/21 Build-up of Mud past Tremayle Farm going out of Nanstallon:- Vice-Chairman queried whether this had been actioned? Action: Clerk to ask Councillor Miss P. Bolton if she has spoken with Mr. Keat. Councillor S. Jenning reported there are terrible potholes on the road just past Tremayle Farm.  Cornwall Councillor C. Batters reported these are on the scheduled to be repaired.


Page 2 Min.6/21(1) Drainage Problems at Lamorrick:- Councillor A. Barnaby queried when the drain was going to be repaired as barriers were falling in the road.  He asked Cornwall Councillor C. Batters if this repair was in hand and noted the area is still in a bit of a mess.  Cornwall Councillor C. Batters had no idea why this had been left like this, but he would follow up Action: Cornwall Councillor C. Batters.




Clerk/Cllr. D. Austin
































Cwll. Cllr. C. Batters


Monthly Report from Cornwall Councillor Chris Batters:- Cornwall Councillor C. Batters reported as follows as per email circulated:-

1.    £200 Donation to Lanivet Centre Have signed off a £200.00 donation from my Community Chest towards the One for All Community Centre, Lanivet, towards covering the cost of recharging the electric vehicle they use for both ferrying and delivery of residents and their requirements around the area during the Covid19 lockdown.

2.    Signage in Brewers Close Have requested new signage highlighting the bungalows at the bottom of the car park. On two recent occasions the Ambulance attended and was unable to see the bungalows in the dark at the bottom and residents had to go out and draw their attention to the location. 

3.    Saturated Ground near Car Park This is the culvert that travels underground across Truro Road to the cottages and has caused some problems a few years ago. I have reported this problem and it has been scheduled for attention. Probably clearing out  with the power hose is required as last time.

4.    Rear of Rectory Road Again I have been chasing Cornwall Housing with regard to the open parking area at the rear of Rectory Road. The lane into it and the immediate surface inside is in very poor condition and requires treatment. 

5.    Pot Holes Reported the pot holes near to Alan Keats property. Have been scheduled for attention. 

6.    Drainage Issues on Minutes Blockage in drain at bottom of Westheath Avenue reported and I understand was cleared. Drainage problem at bottom of Stoney Hill also reported.

7.    Planning Regulations? The report on the strange large buildings in the field at the Innis Downs. Planning Officer attended and buildings were found to house rescue horses. Buildings are of a framed movable structure and would not have required any planning permission. Technically the buildings would have been classed as 'chattels'. There are also large metal framed boxes housing hay and straw on site. 

8.    Drain by Crossing Point in Village I have reported the drain highlighted to me opposite the car park. A Highways Steward was going to attend and check it out. Could be a SW Water or drainage problem from BT main Conduit again.

9.    Rear of Rectory Road Will be tarmacced and he had confirmation of this yesterday.  They have been on site today and he will meet with them again.

10. Huts at top by Innis Downs – horses – these are legitimate as someone is housing rescue horses. The huts are completely removable.

11. He had a report on Monday someone was walking around recycling she found canisters and other paraphernalia and he confirms these were all removed.

12. Rectory Road has some potholes which he will follow up.

13. Nanstallon Facebook page – there has been concerns about vans, people looking for dogs, etc.  he confirmed they are now in the process of setting up a Neighbourhood Watch for Nanstallon after discussing with Councillor Miss P. Bolton.  They are holding a Zoom Meeting next week.  They may come back to the Parish Council regarding the purchase of the official Neighbourhood Watch signage, they are about £10.00 each.  He believes this is something that Lanivet could also consider running a Neighbourhood Watch also.  Councillors felt this would be a good idea and agreed Clerk put out a small report on the Lanivet Facebook page to see who may be interested and include on the next agenda Action: Clerk.

Vice-Chairman thanked Cornwall Councillor C. Batters for his monthly report.







































Highway Issues/Footpath Issues/Damaged Signs in the Parish (Including Discussion on Bench Area damage near Six Turnings):-


Highway Issues:-  Councillor T. Hancock reported on a repaired pothole nearby the Lanivet Public Conveniences which is breaking out again Action: Clerk to forward to Cornwall Councillor C. Batters to follow up.

Discussion on Bench Area damage near Six Turnings:- Councillor A. Barnaby reported nothing has been done because of the weather.  They believe the granite posts may not be big enough.  Councillor T. Grose reported he went to the site at the weekend and advised it is fairly messy and its needs tidying.  It was resolved to look at the area when the weather has improved.  Councillor S. Jenning reported that perhaps the farmer in question driving over the land does not realise the situation/problem Action: Clerk to contact the farmer advising him we are trying to maintain, not use, not leave trailers, not drive over (Proposed: Councillor A. Barnaby; Seconded: Councillor D. Austin)


Footpaths:-  Clerk reported the claim for the footpath local maintenance partnership cutting had been sent for 2020/2021 to Cornwall Council and a response had been received today advising they have a problem with the purchase order at their end which they are in the process of resolving to make the payment.


Damaged Signs in the Parish:-  None.











Planning Applications/Results/Correspondence/Letters of Objection received: -  Clerk reported that proposals for planning applications will be sent with the following statement:-  Due to the restrictions placed on the Parish Council as a result of the pandemic Coronavirus, this response represents the opinion of Members of Lanivet Parish Council identified through a consultation process and will be ratified at the next appropriate meeting of the Parish Council.


Planning Applications:-


PA21/00403 – Mr. & Mrs. Darlington – Proposed demolition of garage and conservatory and construction of larger garage and extension, 6 Woodland View, Lanivet – Parish Council to go along with Cornwall Council Planning recommendations (Proposed: Councillor A. Barnaby; Seconded: Councillor C. Vercoe)


PA20/11478 – Mr. R. Jasper – Conversion and extension to form a dwelling together with associated works, Former Chapel, Tretoil Hill, Lanivet – Parish Council to go along with Cornwall Council Planning recommendations (Proposed: Councillor A. Barnaby; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy)


PA20/10198 – Mr. D. Lloyd – Reduction in camping pitches from 40 to 33 and provision of 5 no. additional static caravans, 2 no. shepherds huts and 1 no. additional toilet block, Kymsland, Blowinghouse Lane, Bodmin – Parish Council to go along with Cornwall Council Planning recommendations (Proposed: Councillor D. Batten; Seconded: Councillor A. Barnaby)


Clerk reported that three letters of objection had been received in respect of the following planning application, she read out the Parish Council’s previous objections made from the December 2020 Meeting:-

PA21/00500 – Mrs. T. Orchard – Change of use of land to a private Gypsy Site (Re-submission of PA20/09223), Land North of Higher Rosewarrick, Lanivet – Object - The Lanivet Parish Council has voted to support local residents in its objection to the above planning application.  It has received many letters of objection and notes the strength of feeling in the immediate local community.  I have been asked to submit the following issues for your consideration:-

(a) The overwhelming objection to this application and the fear that this small community of Higher Rosewarrick will be adversely affected by this proposed new development; (b) Concern was also raised about the adequacy of the access road.  It is a single-track road in very poor condition and prone to complete flooding in wet weather.  The only passing place is a private drive and there are no safe, easy run-off to aid passing on either side of the road; (c) It is a rural area, unsuitable for such a development; (d) Concern was expressed over the possible expansion of this development into the adjoining field which we understood is all part of the one site; (e) it is not a brownfield site as confirmed by residents, just a field in disrepair (Proposed: Councillor S. Jennings; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy)


PA21/00494 – Mr. Stephen Kendall – New agricultural building to house cattle, St. Ingunger Farm, Lanivet – Next Agenda – Extension of Time Granted by Cornwall Council Planning


Planning Results:-


PA21/00527 – Cornwall Energy Recovery Ltd – Niall Kelly Cornwall Energy Recovery Ltd – Non-material amendment to planning permission NR/06/00251/WAS dated 18th July 2006 for Proposed regularising of planning status for existing site, with continued use as a household waste recycling centre, with minor upgrading works to improve recycling, health and safety and security. These measures include new gates, lighting, installing of CCTV, drainage upgrades, repairs to warehouse cladding and removal of existing reclamation sale activity namely to temporarily amend the approved operating hours at Bodmin HWRC, Wheal Prosper, Lanivet for a period of five weeks to permit the opening of the site to members of the public, Bodmin HWRC, Wheal Prosper, Lanivet – Withdrawn


PA21/00146 – Mrs. Julie Burdon – Application for works to trees subject to a tree preservation order as detailed within submitted tree survey action analysis, Lanivet Village Green and Adjacent Graveyard, Truro Road, Lanivet - Approved


Planning Correspondence:- Cornwall Council – PA21/00146 - Notice of Consent for the Felling, Topping or Lopping of Trees and Woodlands, with notes attached pertaining to works.


All members of public left the meeting at 8.00pm.

Cornwall Councillor C. Batters left the meeting at 8.02pm.










































Accounts & Any Applications for Grants & Donations:- The Parish Council approved payment of the following accounts for February 2021 as per Financial Regulations (Proposed: Councillor D. Austin; Seconded: Councillor A. Barnaby): - 



Councillor Training

The Lawn Ranger - Grasscutting


January 2021

Complete Business Solutions


Postage Stamps

British Gas – Electric for Toilets


7/12/20 – 6/1/21



Councillor Training

Lloyds Bank – Bank Charges


February 2021

DMC IT – Website Maintenance


January 2021

Paul Bazeley Window Cleaning


Shelters January 2021

AJH Services – Toilet Cleaning


February 2021

Clear-Flow Limited


Drain Clearance – Toilets

Mrs. J. Burdon


Salary & Expenses

CC Pension Scheme


January 2021

Inland Revenue


January 2021

Max Simpson


Footpath Cutting 2020/21

South West Water


10/11/20 – 5/2/21

Arthur J. Gallagher


Insurance Premium

Receipt:- HMRC – Vat Refund


Up to September 2020

Receipt:- Truro & Penwith Academy


Grass Cutting Fee

Receipt:- Mrs. Pearce/McCartney













Zoom Platform for Online Meetings and cost thereof:- Clerk reported on the costs of Zoom at either £119.90 per year or £159.90 per year that would be suitable for the Parish Council. It was resolved to set up using the £119.90 platform (Proposed: Councillor C. Vercoe; Seconded: Councillor A. Barnaby) Action: Clerk.





Lanivet Parish Affordable Housing Working Party Update from Chairman:- Chairman reported there is some good news, the Working Party and CCLT are meeting on Monday via Zoom, with Clann House.  The hope is the Manager will attend and hopefully they can achieve a resolution to allow them to get on with the planning application, in advance of Covid restrictions.  Zoom Meeting invites have gone out, he will follow up in the morning with George Lewis.



Lanivet Parish Sport & Recreation Trust Update:- Mr. D. Carter sent a report as follows:-


Firstly, the One For All Community Centre  - Since the last lock down the Hall and Sports areas remain closed for most activities, although, complying with all regulations, the necessary risk assessments having been carried out, the Hall is considered Covid-19 secure, therefore, some meetings which are exempt from Government national restrictions are still able to take place, such as local surgeries Flu Jab days etc. The trustees accept that the problem with Covid-19 is not going to completely disappear and we will have to continually take precautions against the virus, to this end we have started to install equipment to keep risks to a minimum especially related to hand contact on any contaminated surfaces. Automatic door closures have been fitted to most doors, the toilets are being modified to automatic taps and automatic contactless flushing, all this will be in addition to our own strict cleaning regime. The outside sports areas must not be allowed to deteriorate after all the hard work put in so far, therefore we have employed a specialist sport pitch maintenance contractor to carry out winter treatment, aerating the soil with special machines and giving winter feed. This together with work from our volunteers should keep everything up and ready when again required. Normally all this work on the building or sport areas would be funded from the hire revenue, however, it is needed, and we will fund it from reserves. We, however, keep up a constant search for grants and support to maintain and improve the facilities for the parish. Building work on the new café training room is hoped to restart soon, a decision will be made once more details of Government plans are known.




Secondly Covid 19 - Barry Cornelius and his team are continuing with their efforts working in conjunction with the local surgeries, deliveries and collections of prescriptions and other requirements are still on a daily service. Transport for the elderly to get their jabs and to hospital appointments are increasing. All this is still free to residents of Lanivet Parish, however occasionally we do get called upon to support other areas and for this there is a small charge.  We are constantly in discussions with the two main surgeries and relevant governmental departments planning and preparing for future eventualities.  



Community Network Panel Meeting Update:-  Councillor Mrs. J. Dent sent an email advising there will be no meeting held until March. Emergency planning was a topic discussed at the last Community Network Panel Meeting, these documents about the emergency planning have been circulated, and may be something we want to discuss at the parish meeting.



Lanivet Village Green/Play Equipment/Car Park/Bus Shelters (Including costs for matting in the Children’s Play Area):-  Clerk reported on the quote for matting in the Children’s Play Area advising a response had been received advising they have been working on the quote and went and took a look at the site but currently it is just too wet to do anything. i.e. If they applied a Grass Lok type surface right now it would simply sink. What they need to do is not ideal but is to wait until the ground has dried up and re-visit. Then take a look at the long term plan. It may be that the muskiest areas may need some drainage and therefore, would need to call in drainage professionals. Or if the ground dries up and they get the grass established again or add turf, they then will have the summer time for the grass to full establish which will give firmer longer lasting finish.  So in brief this is where they are at:- (a) They have called in to the site, we cannot work with anything right now as the site is too wet; (b) They need to assess the area when the ground has dried; (c) Once the ground is assessed they can talk to the Parish Council about theirr findings and what they feel would work well. What they do not want to do is guess or carry out works that do not last. They hope the Parish Council agrees that it is better to do if right from the off but equally ensure they do it on as tight a budget as possible. It was resolved to wait to hear from them once the area has dried up for a quotation (Proposed: Councillor A. Barnaby; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy) Action: Clerk.


Clerk reported notification had been received in respect of the play area inspection by Rospa to be held in April.


Lanivet Car Park:-  No update.


Bus Shelters:-  No update.




















Camel Trail Update:- No update this month.



Cemetery Matters (Including any applications for memorials, inscriptions):- None.



Public Conveniences Update:- Clerk reported following a recent drain clearance using Clear-Flow Limited they advised there was a large build-up of solids in the line that was jetted out.  They would recommend that a full camera survey is carried out, it is possible that there could be issues in the pipeline causing any solids to snag and get stuck, causing the blockage. To undertake this, it would be charged at £115.00 plus vat, this includes the first hour onsite, for any subsequent half an hour thereafter it is charged at £35.00 plus vat.

The majority of surveys are completed within the first hour which includes any jetting/unblocking. From this they would be able to provide a full report with their findings, including photos and video footage should it be required.   Councillor A. Barnaby believes we may have already had a survey and there was a clay pipe problem that may have dropped.  Clerk to ask Steve Walker if he recalled and check back through records.  Chairman said he attended the site in January and South West Drains suggested the angle of the pipe coming out of the building is not acute enough, he would be happy to meet Steve Walker on site Action: Clerk.


Clerk advised that as query had been sent to our Contractor regarding the clinical waste bins in the disabled toilet as raised by Councillor A. Barnaby.  A response had been received advising there is a waste bin in the disabled, it has a swing top. The Contractor checks this most days and should any clinical waste be present, the bag is changed immediately.  Bearing this in mind, the Contractor does not feel an additional bin is required. In their experience, if there are two bins, the public always take the easier option and will use the swing bin. Councillor A. Barnaby queried the clinical waste and asked if the Contractor has a licence/certificate to remove and to ask what she is doing with any clinical waste.  Councillor C. Vercoe reported on clinical waste screening and advised with South West Water this is collected in black bin bags and carried in the back of a normal van.  These are not really treated as a hazardous waste and will probably go into a skip and then taken to landfill or an inclinator Action: Clerk to ask the Contractor what they are doing in relation to this and where it is disposed and how many clinical waste bins there are in all the toilets.
























Update to Weed Treatment Contract:- Clerk reported on the additional costs for the annual weed treatment contract would increase from £224.00 to £228.00 per treatment for 2021; £233.00 for 2022 and £238.00 for 2023 x 3 cuts per year, instead of the current two times.  It was resolved to accept the three treatments per year as per contract paperwork received (Proposed: Councillor A. Barnaby; Seconded: Councillor S. Jenning) Action: Clerk.






Tree Survey Works required when planning has been approved:- Email circulated from Councillor A. Barnaby – Councillor T. Hancock and I have gone through the survey and also walked round the village to look at the trees by the school and stream which the BT lines run through, we would like to know whether it is our responsibility to maintain as they require attention as soon as possible. Trees on the triangle require a closer inspection in the report but I think from an email from Rachel Tatlow that they are Cornwall Council’s responsibility, could you please check and if so, we can remove from our survey before we put out to tender. With regards to the Survey, we suggest that all the major issues in the report are marked in green and in photos are undertaken as would be probably cheaper in the long run, but on Thursday 18th February meeting we can perhaps come to a decision. 
The tree in the Church hall I will try and contact Jessica to approach the Church to give us permission to remove on our behalf so this will need to be added to the report to be tendered for, if not can be done at a later date. Please find attached information regarding tender, would suggest contact by phone rather than email as to get a direct answer to whether they can undertake the job and explain we will send them the report so that they know what is to be carried out and if required the Sub-Committee Working Party can meet on site.  A list of Contractors and contact information had been provided to approach for the  quotations and these were agreed to.

One tree has got to have stunt grinding done afterwards, to note on information.  Trees over tinned roof may have to have a lift.  Chairman suggested we must look at affordability, costs need to be broken down.  He would like to see a priority list of items that need to be done this year, i.e., branches near children’s play area, tree near Peter Olds building, car park tree limbs to be lifted and probably take out big tree in centre of old cemetery.  He suggested a walk through and agree what needs to be done first and obtains a quote for this first.


It was resolved the Clerk liaises with Contractors and wait for Councillors to agree which trees are priority (Proposed: Councillor D. Batten; Seconded: Councillor A. Barnaby) Action: Clerk.

























To commence reviewing of (a) Review and Approve Risk Management Policy; (b) Review and Approve Standing Orders; (c) Review and Approve the Model Code of Conduct for Parish and Town Councils; (d) Review and Approve Financial Regulations (Including List of Regular Payments for the year; (e) Review and Approve Statement of Internal Audit; (f) Review of Segregation of Duties; (g) Review and Approval Asset Register:- It was resolved to include on the next agenda to approve, as
Vice-Chairman and Clerk would review and make final adjustments Action: Clerk.







Newsletter Reports/Parish Council Website:- Clerk reported the Website and Facebook are being updated regularly.   




1.    Cornwall Council – Town & Parish Council Covid-19 Update – 22nd January, 29th January; 5th February; 12th February 2021

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13. Devon & Cornwall Police – How to contact the police in a non-emergency

14. Devon & Cornwall Police – Road Safety Strategy Scrutiny – Councillor Advocate Focus Group

15. Devon & Cornwall Police – Crime Panel Virtual Meeting to be held on Friday 5th February 2021 at 10.30am

16. Cornwall Waste Solutions – Business Development Manager – Introduction and Services available

17. CALC – Cornish businesses asked to help share testing plans

18. CALC – Steve Parkinson Finance Courses: New Dates for Year-End Account & Audit in March

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26. Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner – Your PCC Alison Hernandez on the BBC tomorrow 12th February 2021

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28. Cornwall Council – Draft Action Notes from Bodmin Community Network Meeting held on the 20th January 2021

29. Bodmin Police Station – February Newsletters

30. Office of Police & Crime Commissioner – Message from local policing area commander

31. Cornwall Community Land Trust – February 2021 News

32. Came & Company Insurance – Latest Insights

33. Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner – Questions for T/ACC Glen Mayhew



Urgent Parish Matters with prior liaison with Chairman (Items for Information Only and items for the next agenda):-  Chairman asked if anyone had seen some of the social media about a CALC member calling a Parish Council Meeting.  He had concerns there was a serious issue and whether Councillors would be happy for the Clerk to write to Sarah Mason to ask under what circumstances that a CALC member is not a Parish Councillor can call a Parish Council Meeting and stop a Chairman and Vice-Chairman from speaking and removing them from the meeting.  Clerk to also ask the circumstances of this and why did we not hear a robust response from NALC as their position on this. He did not think it showed Parish Councils in a good light Action: Clerk.









Date of Next Meeting:- Thursday 25th March 2021 at 7.00pm either on-line or by email, whatever is confirmed by the Government.  Clerk noted change of date of meeting by a week due to personal circumstances.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 8.46pm.




Signature:     ………………………………………………



Date:        25th March 2021