Cllr. D. Batten


Mrs. J. Burdon

(Parish Clerk)

Cllr. O. Sleeman



Cllr. D. Carter

Cllr. T. Hancock

Cllr. Mrs. J. Dent


Cllr. Miss P. Bolton

Cllr. A. Barnaby

Cllr. C. Vercoe


Cllr. Mrs. J. Stickland

Cllr. Mrs. C. Eddy

2 Members of Public





Public Forum:-  Paul Pearce attended a site meeting over three years ago with Cornwall Council, Cornwall Councillor Chris Batters and Councillors regarding the access lane at the side of his house.  It was advised at that meeting work would be carried out and since this nothing has been done in three years and he has not had any contact in this time.  He circulated some photographs of the said lane and car park.  He would like Councillors to take a look as he believes no-one would like to use the area to get to a car park and it would also make the situation very difficult to sell relevant properties.  Chairman queried whether the land was owned by Cornwall Council or Ocean Housing, it was noted this was a contentious issue.  Paul Pearce confirmed that the person they met from Cornwall Council three years ago had agreed to carry out work, he believes this seems like they do own and are responsible for the area in question.  He did advise that someone did turn up at one point and did a hours work but did not clear or tidy the area at all, as it is still in the same condition as before.  Chairman suggested the Parish Council takes the issue up with Cornwall Councillor C. Batters after the meeting (Proposed: Councillor S. Walker; Seconded: Councillor A. Barnaby) Action: Clerk.


Peter Old from Lamorick (1) VE Day Celebrations – he would like an update in due course; (2) As Parish Council are custodians of the Village Green.  When he purchased the hairdressers shop next to his business he acquired the old green shed.  With the green shed you can only build on the footprint of the properties there.  He circulated a plan of what he is proposing to put forward as a planning application.


Members of the public left the meeting at 7.22pm.














Urgent Parish Matters with prior liaison with Chairman (Items for Information Only and items for the next agenda):-  Clerk reported she would like the meeting to be wound up in an hour this evening, including the closed session.


Continuity Planning:-  It is important that the Parish Council reviews its risk assessment for services, public buildings, meetings and governance and importantly its staff.  It is therefore recommended that this is done quickly as it will form the basis for how the Parish Council works during the period of disruption. The main focus for your next Parish Council Meeting will be to agree the Continuity Plan and the Emergency Scheme of Delegation. These two decisions will allow you to inform the public how the Parish Council will work and also to set the guidelines for using the delegated authority. 


I think you will find a minute where the Parish Council approved the setting up of a working party as a Sub-Committee of the Parish Council.  As to approving the Planning Permission none of us have any financial interest in the project and since it has been obvious that the Parish Council has been promoting this project it will appear odd if it were then to fight planning permission.  I think only 5 or 6 Councillors are on the Working Party so I would have thought we have enough to still be quorate to vote.


Resolution passed that the Parish Council delegates authority to the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman to take any actions necessary with associated expenditure to protect the interests of the community and ensure Parish Council business continuity during the period of the pandemic Coronavirus, informed by consultation with the Members of the Parish Council (Proposed: Councillor D. Batten; Seconded: Councillor Miss P. Bolton)


Resolution passed that the Parish Council permits delegated authority to the Clerk in consultation Working Party as a Sub-Committee of the Parish Council to deal with Planning Applications, given that none have any financial interest in the project, consisting of Members of the Parish Council, allowing comments to be sent to the Parish Clerk, with information being put on the Website (Proposed: Councillor D. Batten; Seconded: Councillor Miss P. Bolton)


Resolution passed that the Parish Council adopts a broad delegation which will allow it to continue to operate outside of meetings until such time as the advice changes.  Rather than using physical meetings, the Parish Council should use email and its website as far as possible to replicate debate and the gathering of public opinion (Proposed: Councillor D. Batten; Seconded: Councillor Miss P. Bolton)



Members Declaration of Interest and Dispensation Requests:- Councillor D. Carter declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Lanivet Sport & Recreation Trust.

Councillor S. Walker declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Village Newsletter.

Councillor D. Batten declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Lanivet School Governor.

Councillor D. Batten declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Lanivet Sport & Recreation Trust and Lanivet United Charity Trust.

Councillor Mrs. J. Stickland declared a pecuniary interest in respect of Planning Application PA20/01242 Mr. J. Tonkin-Couch. 

Councillor D. Carter declared a non-registerable interest in respect of Planning Application PA20/01242 Mr. J. Tonkin-Couch. 



Apologies:- Councillor A. Harris, Cornwall Councillor C. Batters.



Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on Tuesday 4th February 2020:- The Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on Tuesday the 4th February 2020 were confirmed as a true and accurate record and duly signed by the Chairman (Proposed: Councillor S. Walker; Seconded: Councillor A.J. Barnaby)



Matters Arising from the Monthly Meeting held on Tuesday 4th February 2020:-


Page 1 Min.191/19 Apple Trees in Lanivet Cemetery:-  Clerk reported the mulch is now available, it was requested the Clerk to ask him to contact Councillor S. Walker to collect Action: Clerk.


Page 2 Min.299/19 Grasscutting for Village Green:-  Clerk reported payment had now been received as reported under the Accounts this evening in the sum of £999.00.


Page 3 Min.29/20 Parking Issues at Lanivet School:-  A response had been received from Cormac advising if there are concerns of obstruction or inconsiderate parking (such as at the apex of a junction) this is a matter that should be reported to the local police team, for their records and understanding of any local policing concerns.  Unfortunately, parking at school pick up and drop off times is a common concern across the county. Some school have travel plans in place or send out alerts or newsletters to parents to advise them on parking or other access to school options. It should be the responsibility of the school, perhaps in conjunction with the Parish Council, to try and encourage other means of access than a vehicle, rather than a scheme led by the Highway Authority.  In terms of highway improvements, we could investigate parking restrictions and speed limit/traffic calming options (if feasible), however this would need to be considered by the Parish Council and Cllr Batters and if a supportive and priority scheme, nominated via the Community Network Highway scheme programme.


Page 3 Min.29/20 Community Chest Application:-  Clerk reported she had followed up today as no payment had been received to date Action: Keep Pending.


Page 4 Min.31/20 – Grasscutting Invoice:-  Clerk reported a response had been received advising as a good will gesture there would be no charge as it was their fault as they thought this was their 9th cut but it was the 10th, so therefore, their mistake. 


Page 5 Min.35/20 Sign behind Hair Salon:-  Clerk reported that AJH Services had confirmed they had now cleaned the sign.




























Monthly Report from Cornwall Councillor Chris Batters:- Apologies received from Cornwall Councillor C. Batters.  He did note he would be still working from home if anyone needs to contact him by email or telephone.



Highway Issues/Footpath Issues/Damaged Signs in the Parish:-


Highway Issues:- Councillor S. Walker had reported to the Clerk the whole length of the lane from six turnings back under the A30 over the bridge has had "temporary road surface" signs on it for months now because of the flooded potholes and the  surface breaking up.

If something is not done soon it will be impassable for normal cars.  Clerk reported this had been forwarded to Cornwall Councillor C. Batters to follow up and he had sent details to Rachael Tatlow of Cormac today and copied the Clerk in.


Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy had reported to the Clerk a highway issue to raise - the caravan which seems to have taken up residence in the lay-by at the top of Treningle. Clerk reported this had been forwarded to Cornwall Councillor C. Batters to follow up and he had sent details to Rachael Tatlow of Cormac today and copied the Clerk in.


Clerk advised Councillors to forward any issues to her or directly to Cornwall Councillor C. Batters over the coming months to save any hold-ups.


Footpaths:-  No Update.

Damaged Signs in the Parish:-  No Update.







Planning Applications/Results/Correspondence/Letters of Objection received: -


Letters of Objection:-  Message received from parishioner as follows in respect of PA20/01283 – Mrs. Wendy Bartlett – Tree works next to parents property - to give some background, Tregarthen House started some tree work on the hedge between their property and my parents' property (and it was due to run the length of the hedge to the delight of Wendy (number 7) who is now put in the application to proceed after the neighbours at number 6 slapped a protection order on the whole hedge just so the bit outside their house could not be trimmed. The bit adjacent to my parent's was finished before the order was put in place so their trees were lopped and are now starting to look really good. Wendy's are dropping bits of branches which are causing damage to her property because they need trimming so badly. The order being placed on the whole hedge instead of just the oak and ash trees also means there are holly trees and thorn trees desperately needing attention. I don't suppose there is anyone you can give a nod to about it. The amount of damage caused by falling branches is increasing and it is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt because they are getting bigger.  It is a bit of a worry really. More than once a branch has perforated the shed roof and her Grandson  uses it as a bit of a den when he stays over. Doesn't bear thinking about if a big one came through and injured him.


PA19/10448 – Mrs. Carol Bale – Certificate of Lawfulness for Existing Use for confirmation of implementation of PA14/09006 – Conversion of former Post Office back into two separate dwellings, Lanivet Post Office, Truro Road, Lanivet - Support (Proposed: Councillor S. Walker; Seconded: Councillor A.J. Barnaby)


PA20/00979 – Mr. Roger Sandoe, Sandoe & Sons – Extension to existing building, Land East of Cotton Hill, Nanstallon - Support (Proposed: Councillor Miss P. Bolton; Seconded: Councillor S. Walker)


Councillor Mrs. J. Stickland declared a pecuniary interest in respect of the following planning application and duly left the room. 

Councillor D. Carter declared a non-registerable interest in respect of the following application and abstained from voting:-

PA20/01242 – Mr. J. Tonkin-Couch – Proposed construction of an extension to the side and rear of the existing dwelling plus the erection of a detached garage, Brake View, Truro Road, Lanivet – Support (Proposed: Councillor Miss P. Bolton; Seconded: Councillor A.J. Barnaby)

Councillor Mrs. J. Stickland returned to the meeting room.


PA20/01283 – Mrs. Wendy Bartlett – Various works to trees, Land North East of 7 Boscarne View, Marshall Road, Nanstallon – Parish Council supports Cornwall County Tree Officer’s recommendations (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. J. Dent; Seconded: Councillor A.J. Barnaby)


PA20/01582 – Mrs. Julie Burdon, Lanivet Parish Council – Proposed single storey side extension to the existing community centre, The One For All Lanivet Parish Community Centre, Carters Parc, Rectory Road, Lanivet – Support (Proposed: Councillor Miss P. Bolton; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. J. Dent)


PA20/01647 – Mr. & Mrs. J. Orchard - Change of use to residential and alterations, The Mill, Lanivet – Parish Council to go along with the County Planning Officer’s recommendations (Proposed: Councillor O. Sleeman; Seconded: Councillor A.J. Barnaby)


PA20/01649 – Mr. & Mrs. J. Orchard – Listed Building Consent for Change of use to residential and alterations, The Mill, Lanivet –  Parish Council to go along with the County Planning Officer’s recommendations (Proposed: Councillor O. Sleeman; Seconded: Councillor A.J. Barnaby)


PA20/01722 – Mrs. Shelly – To erect a white PVCu framed conservatory, Badgers Holt, Nanstallon – Parish Council to go along with the County Planning Officer’s recommendations (Proposed: Councillor Miss P. Bolton; Seconded: Councillor T. Hancock)


Planning Results Received:- 

PA20/00532 – Mr. Andy Stevenson – T4 Crown reduce all around by 2.50m. Crown reduce concentrating on lower branches extending north over road and western major stem retaining eastern major stem entirely. T5 monitor health of tree, Land North of Lanivet Community Primary School, Church Road, Lanivet –  Approved


Councillor Mrs. J. Dent reported on the Yurt at Nanstallon, which is outside of our Parish, advising there is a notice planning saying they will be seeking planning permission Action: Clerk to forward to Cornwall Councillor C. Batters.
























































Accounts & Any Applications for Grants & Donations (Including Renewal of Annual Insurance Premium):- The Parish Council approved payment of the following accounts for March 2020, all of which have already been paid, as per Financial Regulations (Proposed: Councillor S. Walker; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy): - 

The Lawn Ranger


Tree Works & Park

Lloyds Bank


Bank Service Charge

British Gas


Electric 7/1/20-6/2/20

Lloyds Bank


Bank Service Charge

The Lawn Ranger – Grasscutting


March 2020

DMC IT – Website Maintenance


February 2020

Paul Bazeley Window Cleaning


February & March 2020

South West Drains


Drain Clearance

Mile Yelland


Maintenance Works

Broxap Limited


Waste Bin Replacements

AJH Services – Toilet Maintenance


March 2020

South West Water


6/12/19 – 29/2/20

Mrs. J. Burdon


Salary & Expenses

CC Pension Scheme


February 2020

Inland Revenue


February 2020

Receipt: L. & H. White


Reservation of Grave

Receipt: Academy Trust


Grasscutting - Green

Receipt: Drew Memorials


Memorial (Way)

Renewal of Annual Insurance Premium:-  It was resolved to renew the annual insurance premium in the new financial year commencing 1st April 2020 (Proposed: Councillor; Seconded: Councillor) Action: Clerk

The issue of public liability cover has been raised and it was agreed the Parish Council discusses with the Internal Auditor and Insurance Company to ensure we have adequate cover Action: Clerk

Chairman reported that we had been approached by Peter Old asking for an arch over the main road funded by him, the Parish Council and the Lanivet Charities. Councillor A. Harris had confirmed it was not where the original one was situated.  The arch would be approximate £3,000 and would be made from scaffold poles covered over with greenery, etc.  It was resolved to confirm that sadly all VE Celebrations that the Parish Council had been preparing have had to be cancelled due to Covid-19 and Government Regulations.  As much as it would be lovely to have had an arch erected in the village as a 75th Commemoration, a contribution of £1,000 of Parish funds seems inappropriate to spend in these unprecedented times, especially when there will be people within our community in dire need of basic provisions and help over the next few months. Therefore it was with regret that Councillors decided not to make this contribution (Proposed: Councillor Miss P. Bolton; Seconded: Councillor S. Walker) Action: Clerk.
































Lanivet Parish Affordable Housing Working Party Update from Chairman:- Councillor D. Batten reported we are waiting for CCLT to submit the planning application.  There was a reasonable open day and 15 families want homes in the village.



Lanivet Parish Sport & Recreation Trust Update:- Councillor D. Carter reported via email have now had had all bookings cancelled so the revenue has dried up practically to nil.  They can weather the storm and are looking for way they can help the community and are talking to various agencies to see how they help. Together with Age UK Mini Bus they are looking into running free transport for people having difficulties at this time, obviously this is in the early stages and will have costs attributed to it. To this end he would mention that the first half contribution/payment would be due in April and may help in decision making, It may be that there is scope for the Parish Council to get involved with this activity if thought worthwhile.  It was agreed the Parish Council pays the first half due on the 1st April 2020 in the sum of £2,500.00 Action: Clerk.


Clerk to liaise with CALC regarding S137 funding to assist with Meals on Wheels for the elderly Action: Clerk.














Community Network Panel Meeting Update:-  Councillor Mrs. J. Dent reported there have been no meetings but she did meet with Sarah Sims to play the April agenda. This has been distributed to the Parish.  She also attended a meeting regarding the Tour of Britain and has forwarded the presentation and details of the website.  Clerk advised this had been forwarded to all Councillors.  Councillor Mrs. J. Dent reported she doubts the next meeting will go ahead, unless they do over skype.




Lanivet Village Green/Play Equipment/Car Park/Bus Shelter:-


Play Equipment:- Clerk reported the annual play inspection has been booked for April by Rospa Play Safety Team.

Lanivet Car Park:- Email received from parishioner – He used the Gents twice in the last month and each time the Wallgate washing centre has not had any water in it. Certainly not a very hygienic issue, especially these days when we are implored to thoroughly wash our hands in the light of the Coronavirus.   Also at the entrance to the Car Park there is a sign at car window level. It is a message that All Cars Must have MOT, Tax and Insurance – Forgive me, but this is totally incorrect and should either be modified or taken down.  A new car does not require a MOT Certificate, until it is 3 years old and a ‘Classic’ registered car requires no tax, so the sign is almost totally incorrect.  It was resolved to respond advising a poster had been put up next to the hand washing machine advising of how to use and the push button covered over as no longer working.  With regards to the Car Park your comments have been duly noted (Proposed: Councillor S. Walker; Seconded: Councillor A.J. Barnaby) Action: Clerk

Bus Shelters:-  No update.




Camel Trail Update:- No report.




Cemetery Matters (Including any applications for memorials, inscriptions):- New Memorial application received from Drew Memorials for the late Pete Way.  It was resolved to accept this application as per our regulations (Proposed Councillor S. Walker; Seconded: Councillor A.J. Barnaby) Action: Clerk.


Duchy Cemetery’s Limited – Update Paperwork – Environment Agency Waste Carrier Licence from the 29th January 2020 to the 29th January 2023.





Public Conveniences Update:-  Councillor S. Walker reported on works to be carried out in respect of blocked waste pipe in Gents Toilets – Clerk to follow up with South West Drains Action: Clerk.


Chairman reported on the concerns on the amount of water being used in toilets reported there is no leakage, the flushing mechanism has been turned off, so it hopes they may help with this, along with the tap issue we had a couple of months ago Action: Clerk to forward current metre reading to Councillor A.J. Barnaby so he can check in a week’s time.







Special Events – VE Day and Tour of Britain:- Clerk reported on email received from Councillor A. Harris as follows – he has been trying to ascertain the situation nationally to no avail.  There will be no combined Church Service as the Churches are presently closed and the ringers have been stood down. It seems pointless holding a meeting on Monday week and he will be speaking with Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy nearer the time.  


However, if the situation subsides he agrees with Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy that a simple open air celebration could be arranged nearer the time, which to be honest was his original intention.  Chairman reported that the School are in no position to teach the children how to dance around a maypole at the present time.  Councillor Mrs. J. Dent requested that any bunting put out is black and white as requested from the Tour of Britain.  It was agreed to include something in the newsletter but not sure at this time what will be done for the event.






Nomination of Trustees for the Lanivet United Charity:-  It was resolved to nominate the Trustees currently in place as they had agreed they were happy to stand again (Proposed: Councillor D. Carter; Seconded: Councillor A.J. Barnaby Action: Clerk.




Newsletter Reports/Parish Council Website:- Councillor S. Walker reported the next magazine will be out by the 1st April and still using the same delivery system.  The Editor will include something on the front as a lot of information may be out of date. A flyer was suggested by Councillor Mrs. J. Stickland and she would pop in and see Kay Walker tomorrow to include something for the people in the Parish do not have the internet. Clerk to arrange including the following on the Parish Council Website – Update on the Coronavirus, Parish Council Meetings and any other information that may come in and be relevant.  Clerk reported she had put some items on the Parish Council Facebook Page as well and would continue to do so, and to link the newsletter Action: Clerk.









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9.    Great Western Railway – Change to Rail Improvement Work between St. Erth and St. Ives

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32. Cornwall Council – Bodmin Community Network Panel Meeting to be held on 8th April 2020 at 6.30pm in Chy Trevail Offices, Bodmin

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44. Sarah Sims, Cornwall Council – Covid-19 – Role of your Community Link Officer

45. Bodmin Town Council – Covid-19 Resolution

46. Cornwall Council – Legal Agreement for Provision of Legal Services 2020/2021 – It was resolved to accept and return (Proposed: Councillor Miss P. Bolton; Seconded: Councillor O. Sleeman Action: Clerk












































Date of Next Meeting:- Thursday 16th April 2020 at 7.00pm either on-line or by email, whatever is confirmed by the Government.


Chairman reported on next two meetings for April and May and proposed that unless we meet in May to nominate the Chairman and Vice-Chairman and any Officers in place, he would like to delay nominations, until we next meet, Seconded Steve Walker.


It was agreed the Clerk will continue to send paperwork and details of any meeting held in the form of Minutes Action: Clerk.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 8.21pm.











Signature:     ………………………………………………



Date:        16th April 2020