Cllr. D. Batten


Mrs. J. Burdon

(Parish Clerk)

Cllr. Mrs. C. Eddy



Cllr. D. Carter

Cllr. T. Hancock

Cllr. A. Harris


Cllr. Miss P. Bolton

Cllr. A. Barnaby

Cllr. C. Vercoe


Cwll. Cllr. C. Batters

1 Member of Public






Public Forum:-  Kate Collins attended and has lived in the village for 10 years and her landlord now wants his property back and she has been advised to contact the Parish Council Meeting to let them know.  Kate Collins confirmed that she is on the Cornwall Council Home Choice list.  Cornwall Councillor C. Batters offered to assist the lady and would speak to her out of the meeting.  Kate Williams left the meeting at 7.08pm.



Members Declaration of Interest and Dispensation Requests:- Councillors D. Carter and A. Harris declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Lanivet Sport & Recreation Trust.


Councillor S. Walker declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Village Newsletter.


Councillor D. Batten declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Lanivet School Governor.


Councillor D. Batten declared a non-registerable interest under Paragraph 3.5A in the Lanivet Sport & Recreation Trust and Lanivet United Charity Trust.



Apologies:- Councillors Mrs. J. Stickland, Mrs. J. Dent, O. Sleeman, Councillor A. Harris would be late.



Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on Thursday 16th January 2020:- The Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on Thursday the 16th January 2020 were confirmed as a true and accurate record and duly signed by the Chairman (Proposed: Councillor A. Barnaby; Seconded: Councillor C. Vercoe)



Matters Arising from the Monthly Meeting held on Thursday 16th January 2020:-


Page 2 Min.191/19 Apple Trees in Lanivet Cemetery:-  Clerk reported a response had been received advising he is not in a position to provide mulch himself. However, he could make contact with a local tree surgery company on behalf of the Parish Council to ask for a delivery of mulch/seasoned woodchip to be dropped off at the cemetery for use.  It was agreed that Councillor A. Barnaby will purchase on behalf of the Parish Council.  Action: Clerk to ask Councillor A. Barnaby and the Tree Warden to liaise regarding this.


Page 2 Min.210/19 Tree Report:-  Clerk reported this had now been dealt with accordingly.

Page 2 Min.258/19 – Signs for Planning Applications:-  Clerk reported a response had been received advising on the publicity procedures located on Cornwall Council website:

For Householder Developments it states Site notices are discretionary.  Their procedure is that they will only produce site notices for Householder Applications if the development falls within a conservation area and/or a Listed Building Application.


Page 2 Min.299/19 Grasscutting for Village Green:-  Clerk reported she had followed up again with Lanivet School and sent the relevant invoice and was waiting for payment Action: Keep Pending.


Page 2 Min.5/20 Community Chest Fund:-  Clerk reported payment had now been received for the work to be carried out at the Nanstallon Bus Shelter.


Page 6 Min.13/20 Waste Bins for Village Green:-  Clerk reported the waste bins had been ordered from Broxap at a cost of £222.00 including delivery charge and are due to be delivered to the Community Hall on the 11th February 2020 and Barry Cornelius and Councillor T. Hancock had both been informed


Page 3 Min.7/20 Boundary Road Report:- Chairman drove through and he wondered if there is any change.  Councillor S. Walker reported that Dan Nattle called him regarding issues such as yellow lines, speeding etc.


Councillor A. Harris arrived at 7.17pm.
























Monthly Report from Cornwall Councillor Chris Batters:- Cornwall Councillor C. Batters reported as follows: -

Š         Nobody has contacted him regarding issues at Lamorick. The Police have visited the resident; however, he has not heard anything since regarding this issue.

Š         Nanstallon School – He has a meeting next Friday 14th February with the School and Rachael Tatlow of Cormac.  It will be a general discussion on what is required.

Š         Fly Tipping of a Caravan, hopefully this one should have been removed by now, hopefully it was removed last week.

Š         Road from Jims Cash and Carry down to Nanstallon should have had work carried out last week.  Councillor Miss P. Bolton reported that some works had been carried out.

Š         Plot 2 Lamorick Cottages – He spoke to the Senior Planning Officer yesterday; this has now been passed on to another department.

Š         Tremore Farm Road – he is waiting for more photographs of mud on the road in the area, along with photographs of the vehicle causing the problem.  He would continue to follow up and liaise with Councillors who live in the area.

Š         Lanivet Manor – apparently their alarm has been going off a lot recently.  Councillor D. Carter advised he has been in touch with the Environment Management Department in Cornwall Council.

Š         Heather Atkins – speeding through Nanstallon, etc., he requested her to call him to discuss, but she came back with an email with all the issues already sent.  He would call her to discuss further.

Š         It is hoped the traffic flows will cut back with the Boundary Road work.

Chairman thanked Cornwall Councillor C. Batters for his report this evening and for attending the meeting.



Highway Issues/Footpath Issues/Damaged Signs in the Parish (Including (a) No Right Turning to the Recycling Centre, Lanivet; (b) Letter from Cornwall Council – Local Maintenance Partnership 2020/2021):-


No Right Turning to the Recycling Centre, Lanivet:- Chairman confirmed he had requested this item be included on the next Area Network Committee Meeting also Drain Clearance as well.


Letter from T.W.J. Penna in respect of drains in the Village.  It was resolved to acknowledge the letter Action: Clerk


Letter from Mr. J. Cooper – Vehicles parking by Lanivet School.  It was resolved to acknowledge the letter confirming it has been passed to Cormac Solutions Action: Clerk


Community Chest Application still available.  Clerk to liaise with Cornwall Councillor C. Batters regarding funding towards the new waste bins purchased for the Village Green.  Cornwall Councillor C. Batters to forward forms to the Chairman to action whilst the Clerk is away Action: Cornwall Councillor C. Batters.


Footpaths:-  No Update.


Letter from Cornwall Council – Local Maintenance Partnership 2020/2021:- Letter received from Cormac Solutions advising the amount due for grasscutting for Local Maintenance Partnership is £729.71.  It was resolved to confirm our acceptance (Proposed: Councillor Miss P. Bolton; Seconded: Councillor A. Barnaby) Action: Clerk.


Chairman wanted the Parish Council to think how we can maximise the budget granted Action: Clerk to send paperwork to all Councillors, so they can walk footpaths in their areas.  It was suggested including something in the next Village Magazine asking people to come forward if any footpaths needed trimming back.  Councillor A. Harris suggested we had Network Stewards for footpaths in the Parish (Proposed: Councillor A. Barnaby; Seconded: Councillor A. Harris)


Damaged Signs in the Parish:-  No Update.


Cornwall Councillor C. Batters left the meeting at 7.49pm.












Cwll. Cllr. C. Batters








Planning Applications/Results/Correspondence/Letters of Objection received: -


PA20/00532 – Mr. Andy Stevenson, Cornwall Council Highways – T4 – Crown reduce all around by 2.50m. Crown reduce concentrating on lower branches extending North over road and Western major stem retaining Eastern major stem entirely. T5 monitor health of tree, Land at Church Road, Lanivet – Parish Council to go with recommendations of County Tree Officer (Proposed: Councillor S. Walker; Seconded: Councillor A. Barnaby)


Planning Results Received:- 


PA19/10194 – Mr. Thomas – Outline planning for the construction of 2 dwellings with all matters reserved, Fenwick House, Dunmere, Bodmin – Refused











Accounts & Any Applications for Grants & Donations:- The Parish Council approved payment of the following accounts for February 2020, all of which have already been paid, as per Financial Regulations (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. C. Eddy; Seconded: Councillor S. Walker): - 

Mike Yelland


Toilet Repairs

British Gas


Electric 7/12/19-6/1/20

Paul Bazeley Bus Shelter Cleaning


January 2020

DMC IT – Website Maintenance


January 2020

Complete Business Solutions


Stationery – Paper

Complete Business Solutions


Stationery - Stamps

AJH Services – Toilet Maintenance


February 2020

David K. Hughes Architect


Planning Application

Mrs. J. Burdon - Salary & Expenses


Salary & Expenses

CC Pension Scheme


Clerk’s Pension

Inland Revenue


Clerk’s Tax

Receipt: Bodmin Funeral Services


Interment (Hawken)

Receipt: Drew Memorials


Inscription (Kendall)

Receipt: Cornwall Council


Community Chest Grant

Invoice from The Lawn Ranger for grasscutting and tree work.  Clerk had requested separate invoice for tree work but they wanted to wait the outcome of a discussion by the Parish Council this evening.  It was resolved to pay for the Park Cut and the Tree work in the sum of £374.00 plus vat and request correct invoice and request an explanation regarding the 3 other cuts in the Cemetery so the Parish Council can make a decision, particularly in the light that Councillor S. Walker asked for the Cemeteries not to be cut (Proposed: Councillor S. Walker; Seconded: Councillor A. Barnaby) Action: Clerk





















Lanivet Parish Affordable Housing Working Party Update from Chairman:- Councillor D. Batten reported he had spoken to George Lewis who may cancel next week’s meeting as they were going to talk about any large variances with costs, but it appears they are coming in on target.  There will be some posters being made available very shortly for the next public consultation.  Councillor A. Harris queried the amenity land area.  Chairman reported the responses sent out last year were to get the houses built first. With regards to the land, nothing particular was brought forward and we did not want to spend £50,000 on the land.  Piece of land in front of the buildings, we are still not sure what is happening with this, whether it be parking.  After all is secured and the amenity land became very small it may well be sold on.



Lanivet Parish Sport & Recreation Trust Update:- Councillor D. Carter reported there is more progress on applications for funding, two are being submitted.  He has to obtain planning permission for one of the applications.  He is hoping they can get planning through by the 24th March 2020.  They had a fantastic Burns Night Party put on by the Committee, there was a great atmosphere and it was very busy and a lot of money was made.



Community Network Panel Meeting Update from Councillor Mrs. J. Dent:-  As Chair of the Community Network Panel, I attended 2 meetings in Bodmin on Monday 20th January 2020.


Meeting 1 : Shire Hall. 'Charette' Re-development of Dennison Road area.


This was a presentation by the company JTP to explain the 'charette' process planned to take place in Bodmin sometime in June. It was an interesting explanation on their view of how to engage the public and community in the process of re- development. The process will be launched in April. Although not directly affecting Lanivet Parish, the possible development of an area with a local doctor’s surgery possibly used by residents may be of interest. More information will follow.


Meeting 2: Chy Trevail. Tour of Britain Working Group


This obviously does affect Lanivet. I did ask that we are kept in the loop of any developments and plans that Bodmin are making. The Town Council are maximising hosting the event, planning to create a festival atmosphere in the town across the whole weekend. Businesses are keen to get involved. Technical meeting update was given including

  • Event management plan
  • Expected finish 3.30. Rolling road closures. Finish is at Railway Station/ Museum
  • Team buses in Priory Park, available for public viewing
  • TV production team, venue TBA
  • 2 large screens provided
  • Park and Ride in operation
  • Waste Management to be coordinated
  • First Aid provision
  • Volunteers needed. Can register with Tour of Britain on-line
  • Overnight accommodation for Sweetsport (organisers of race)
  • Discussion of 'Land Art"

Town Council to bring information on local events to the next meeting.


I also asked that any information provided to local schools included Lanivet and Nanstallon


On Friday 16th January 2020 I met with Sarah Sims re - Climate Change. There were some key points provided that we might look at implementing and sharing with the local community. More information will be provided on this when I receive the documentation


Chairman thanked for the report received from Councillor Mrs. J. Dent.




Lanivet Village Green/Play Equipment/Car Park/Bus Shelter:- Councillor T. Hancock reported the funding sign behind the Hair Salon has gone green with the trees Action: Clerk to ask AJH Services to clean the signs down.


Councillor S. Walker reported the oak tree could not be trimmed on the Village Green as the branches are hanging over the Car Park.  The Lawn Ranger will try again when he next cuts the Village Green. 


Play Equipment:- No update.



Lanivet Car Park:- Chairman requested expressed concern how a vehicle had parked recently with the front of the car on to the footpath.


Bus Shelters:-  No update.






Camel Trail Update:- The newly surfaced part of the trail between Grogley Halt and Nanstallon will have a closed surface during 2020, this will seal the surface and should last for many years.


Grogley Bridge is still undergoing tests by the structural engineers, the Camel Trail Officers are trying to re-open it for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders, but cannot sanction this until the Health and Safety tests done by the Engineers have been completed and deemed safe to do so. 


Benches have been replaced all along the Camel Trail, due to the previous ones rotting.


Bike licenses are being reviewed.


The cost will be increased each year, but the bike hire shops will have the security of being offered a 10 year lease. 



Cemetery Matters (Including any applications for memorials, inscriptions):- Memorial application received from Drew Memorials for an additional inscription for the late Monica Kendall.  It was resolved to accept this application as per our regulations (Proposed: Councillor S. Walker; Seconded: Councillor A. Barnaby) Action:  Clerk.





Public Conveniences Update:-  No update.



Special Events – VE Day and Tour of Britain:- Clerk reported that some photographs had been received which had been forwarded on to Councillors.  Councillor A. Harris reported what they really require is photographs from the War Time, if at all possible.  The next meeting will be held on Wednesday the  19th February 2020 at the Methodist Sunday School.  There are other people coming on board, who are keen to become involved.  It was suggested to find someone who is a serving Officer in the forces, this could be advertised in the parish magazine.  Chairman reported that Councillor Mrs. J. Dent had raised the Tour of Britain in her report earlier.  Councillor A. Harris requested a small budget for this event, Chairman advised it is expected that Parish Council’s will be involved.


Bunting – Clerk to research cost of bunting Action: Clerk.











Neighbourhood Planning Report from Chairman:- He recently sat in on an online seminar provided by a commercial company – My Neighbourhood Plan. It was very detailed and showed clearly how much law is involved in producing a plan. It is clear we do not have the expertise to complete such a plan. In addition, there appears to be a need for considerable consultation requiring a lot of time on our part. A commercial company would take the lead in such an exercise thus removing a lot of the burden on us. If and when we feel the need to produce our own Neighbourhood Plan I am convinced we will need a lot of assistance. Paying a commercial company to undertake the process on our behalf is certainly a sure way of producing a plan that will comply with all the current regulations. Of course, the major issue will be cost and that will have to be addressed at the time we decide to make a plan.


It is suggested that a plan could take as long as 3 years to write which convinces me even more that a group of well-meaning volunteers are unlikely to be able to produce such a plan.


Interestingly they raised the issue of a Housing Needs Survey, so in one respect we have already done some of the work in that we are almost ready to build houses in response to the housing needs survey. So at present I would simply like to propose that the Parish Clerk keeps details of this company and any others who approach us to be considered when the Parish Council decided to write a Neighbourhood Plan.



Newsletter Reports/Parish Council Website:- Clerk reported the website continues to be updated on a regular basis, there have been quite a few changes over the last month.  Councillor S. Walker reported the next magazine is due out in early April.




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15. Cornwall Council – Hold the Date for Localism Climate Change Workshop – Saturday 29th February 2020 9.30am for 10.00am start until 1.00pm at Eliot House Hotel, Liskeard

16. Sarah Sims, Cornwall Council – Cornwall Community Land Trust – Invitation to end on the 3rd February 2020

17. CALC – Spring Conference – 17th March 2020 – London

18. Sarah Sims, Cornwall Council – Bodmin Climate Action Network

19. CALC – SLCC Regional Training Event – Plymouth – Wednesday 29th January 2020

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21. Cornwall Council – Climate Change Development Planning Document

22. CALC – Hold the date for Localism Climate Change Workshop on Saturday 29th February 2020 from 9.30am for 10.00am start until 1.00pm at the Elliot House Hotel, Liskeard

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28. Came & Company Insurance – Pre-Renewal Message

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33. Cornwall Council – Climate Change Development Planning Document

34. CALC – Enquiry about use of document management systems

35. Cornwall Council – Community Governance Review Update

36. Cornwall Council – Community Governance Public Consultation Update





































Urgent Parish Matters with prior liaison with Chairman (Items for Information Only and items for the next agenda):- None.



Date of Next Meeting:- Thursday the 19th March 2020 in the One for All Lanivet Parish Community Centre, Lanivet at 7.00pm.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 8.30pm.





Signature:     ………………………………………………



Date:        19th March 2020